Dick and Jane 1st Birthday Party

I wanted the theme of Christian’s 1st birthday to be Dick and Jane because as an infant in his cradle I had Dick and Jane bedding that he was obsessed with!  At one point I had to turn the bedding inside out so he would go to sleep and stop staring at the characters.  I have a very amazing, and talented friend who did all the sewing for the banners, gift bags, and table runners for me.  It turned out just as I had envisioned, and it was a fun project.

I was in love with these darling invites I got from this Etsy shop.

This was the entry table.

We had a candy bar.

The main table.

I bought customized party labels from this Etsy shop.

This is where we made our own party hats.  I bought cheap party hats from Hobby Lobby, and covered them with cute paper and ribbon and then everyone got to add their own embellishments.

We also had a coloring table with vintage birthday printables.

I LOVED these party favors!

Every bag was a different Dick and Jane picture.  I found the fabric on Etsy as well.

Christian’s Birth Story

“Heaven blew every trumpet
and played every horn
on the wonderful, marvelous
night you were born”
~Nancy Tillman

My darling Christian, this is the story of the day you were born.

At my last appointment when my doctor checked me I was still not dilated or effaced at all, which was good news for me since I was waiting for Nana to get here and stay with Robinson while I was the hospital having you. Nana flew to Houston the Friday night before you were born and we had a fun weekend together. We got a pedi, went out to lunch at our favorite place, Sandy MaGee’s, and did some shopping. The weather was great the whole time she was here and her and Robinson had a ball together. It was a huge help and blessing to have her down here for 10 whole days!

Mama was scheduled for a repeat c/section on the morning of the 27th. I went to bed on the night of the 26th at about 11 PM, and at 2:30 AM I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep I was way too nervous and excited. At 4:00 AM I finally got up and got in the shower. We left the house and arrived at the hospital at 5:30 AM. On the drive there I made my Daddy tell me funny stories while we listened to Katy Perry’s new song Part of Me so Mama could try to calm her nerves. It was so funny to walk up to the Labor and Delivery doors and tell them I was there to have a c/section, like it was an everyday thing.

Our nurses took us back to a little waiting room by the operating room where I changed into my gown and got prepped for the main event. When they hooked me up to the monitor I was having regular contractions every 6-8 minutes the whole 2 hours I was waiting, so it looks like you were ready to be born my little man. While they were trying to get an IV line going in my left arm, the nurse in-training blew out one of my veins, which ended up being very painful and I will admit, made me cry. The other nurse came over and tried on the other side of my left arm, but something went wrong with that as well and the fluid didn’t go in my vein, but ended up filling my arm instead. This was crazy and made my arm numb, and heavy to where I could hardly lift my arm, and my hand was shaky and I had a hard time opening and closing my hand. They quickly pulled that line out and tried my right arm where they were able to get an IV line going good. It took another couple of hours for the pain and numbness to go away in my left arm.

My Doctor, Dr. Cole, came in at about 7:35 to check on me and she said she was ready to go. I had to leave Daddy behind and walk to the OR alone, which was the most terrifying part. The room was so bright, and cold, and I knew they were about to do a major surgery, and it was a little scary at first. Once they got me numbed and ready they let Daddy come in, which was such a huge relief, it was so nice to see him and have him near me, he can always calm me down and make me feel like everything is going to be ok. I told him to watch as much as he could of your birth, so he stood most of the time looking over the curtain. It was fun to have him tell me about it once we got back to the room.

We knew you were a big baby, so the nurse had to push extremely hard on the top of my belly to get you down to where the doctor could pull you out. Once your head was out they were all telling me what a cute boy you were, and then when they finally pulled you all the way out at 8:04 AM everyone was raving about how big and cute you were. The nurse quickly wrapped you in a warm blanket and brought you right over for me to see before they even cleaned you up which I loved! You were fresh, new and darling as could be. You had the dark hair, and daddy’s chin just like I told everyone you would, and those little cheeks of yours were to die for!

They hurried and cleaned you up and Daddy carried you over to me. You know those defining moments in your life that will forever be burned into your memory, the ones you look back on and they fill your heart with joy? Well that for me is when I see Daddy carry our babies over to me for the first time, and the look of love, pride and happiness on his face when he is holding our newborns is amazing, it is pure love!

I was able to see you and kiss you for a minute before Daddy took you to the nursery to be checked out. They called the OR and told us that you weighed in at 9lbs and 10oz and were 22 inches long.

They finished sewing me up and took me to recovery where I was hoping to get to hold you for the 1st time and nurse you, but things don’t always go as planned. You were having a hard time breathing because with a c/section the babies have a hard time getting all the fluid out of the lungs and it makes it hard for them to breathe so they had to keep you in the nursery. While there they checked your sugar levels and yours were extremely low so they had to give you some formula to get it back up. You were born at 8:04 AM, and I didn’t get to hold you in my arms until 1:30 that afternoon. It was the longest wait of my life. I broke down in tears when they finally wheeled you into my room and I knew you were ok and that I could finally snuggle my boy.

That first day in the hospital was pretty tough for Mama. They had to give me some extra anesthesia in the operating room because I started to experience some pain once your were born, so getting the extra medicine out of my body was really rough. But by the 2nd day I was feeling much better!

You have been such a blessing in our lives already. You are so calm and peaceful, and there is just something about your gentle spirit. It is amazing the love that I have for you my new little man, and it is equally amazing how my love for Daddy and my Robinson also expanded with your birth. We are over the moon happy!

Baby Boy #2’s Nursery

We finally finished baby’s nursery!  Here is a look back at what RR’s nursery looked like when we lived in the Little Laramie Pink House.  I was able to reuse a lot of the furniture, but I also wanted to do it different, I wanted to make it unique to this new little man.    

We did the accent wall gray, and the other walls a pretty light blue.  I love how the colors turned out, they are very soft and relaxing to me.  I was worried the gray was going to be too dark, but it wasn’t at all.  This is the same crib, and I was so happy I got to use the same canvas I did for RR, since it no longer works in his big boy room. 

The bookcases are new, we bought them from IKEA.  I love how they look flanking the crib.  It also gave me tons of room for books, and baby’s “special things” that I wanted to display.

I like things in my house to have meaning and purpose.  I am a saver, I keep all sorts of things that are special to me.  It’s a trait that I get from my Dad, for better or worse!  I wanted to represent both Johnny and I in baby’s room.  I like how the room shows our history and baby’s.  We are still trying to find a few Texas items for his shelf, but we did go to Build a Bear and made him a Longhorn, since he is my little Texan! 

This shelf is for me.  The milk bottle comes from Star Valley, the ball is one that was mine when I was a baby, and the books we had when we were growing up and I always loved them.  The marbles were Johnny’s, so we split them between the boys, RR has a little cup full in his room and he loves them. 

This shelf is for Johnny.  When I decided that I wanted things from our past to be in baby’s room I started searching ebay for things from Johnny’s hometown of Preston Idaho and I lucked out big time with this sugar sack!  This old sugar factory is still standing, and when Johnny was little he would go and play in it.  He has some really fun memories of running around in the old building and was so excited when I found this bag.  The Winnie the Pooh his parents bought for RR when he was born because Johnny had one when he was a baby.  I cut the red shirt off because I liked it better without.  Also the candle in the silver lamp is from our wedding, it has our names and wedding date on it.   

I have a lot of empty picture frames because I am waiting to fill them with pictures of baby.  I also bought all the frames from IKEA.  The gray shelf was brown when it was in RR’s nursery, and we put a fresh coat of white paint on the dresser.  I had to buy a new rocker since we moved RR’s to his big boy room because he still likes to be rocked. 

I searched and searched for the perfect pictures for these frames and I finally found them on Etsy.  They were only $8 each and they were a digital download so I printed them myself on my printer.  I love both sayings, and I sing You Are My Sunshine to my boys all the time, so it is perfect.  I also love the splash of color they add to this side of the room.  Again the frames are from IKEA.   

If you follow me on Pinterest (@Carolyn Beth) you can see my Kid’s Room board to see where my inspiration came from for the room.  I LOVE Pinterest!   


We had a fun Valentine’s season.  I say season because it wasn’t just one day.  I put up decorations at the end of January when I still had a little energy left, and we partied for weeks, because to be honest, I love a good party. 

I made the banner and glitter letters, and found these darling free printables on Pinterest. 

RR loves the letter X, so he really enjoyed this banner I made.

I went a little crazy in the formal dining room, but I love it.

One of the best things I did this year was to buy this little envelope for my RR.


Every morning for 2 weeks the Valentine’s Fairy came to our house and left him a little present in his pouch.  He was in heaven, and so was I watching his darling reaction each morning.  It was a fun thing for both of us to look forward to.  It will be a tradition from here on out in our house.

I was spoiled like crazy by my boys this year.  RR bought me yummy chocolates, and Johnny bought me a beautiful necklace with the first initial of each of our boys on charms.  He also bought me an awesome new diaper bag/purse, and these pretty flowers.


We wrote love letters to each other, one of my favorite things to look forward to.  Again I have to thank Pinterest for my card idea.  It was a hit, Johnny thought it was very funny!


My Dad mailed us chocolate cover strawberries for Valentine’s and they were so good!


And for our special treat we dipped all sorts yummy treats in chocolate.  

It was a fun Valentine’s!


An Update

I have been such a bad blogger, all of my blogs have suffered the same fate at this one.  One day I would love to get back to posting at least a few times a week on each.  I need to journal our life and memories better.  I have so many fun things, ideas and stories to share, I just can’t seem to make the time to blog them.  But here is an update for now.

35.5 weeks


Baby boy will be here in just a few short weeks.  I do love being pregnant, and it is such a blessing for me to be able to have carried 2 sweet boys, it is something I thank my Heavenly Father for each and every day.  

This not so little guy is measuring 3.5-4 weeks ahead at each appointment which is making my doctor a little nervous.  I have a growth ultrasound this Thursday to get a better idea of just how big he is. 

This pregnancy has been really different than RR’s.  I am carrying this baby really low, and RR always was nice and high.  He is so low that he is squishing all the nerves in my legs, so I have had pain down the backs and insides of my legs.  Running, even after my 2 year old, is something that causes a lot of pain, so I try to avoid that.  Also this little man has caused more crazy heartburn than RR ever did.  With RR I had maybe 10 times I needed to take tums, and with this little guy I take them throughout the day, and I wake up almost nightly to take more!  

I still love all things cold fruit and water, but I have added in Tex-Mex, and steak to my list.  I could eat a yummy steak every.single.day.  I am also back to sleeping very little at night, and I am surrounded by 10 pillows in an attempt to get comfortable.  I always feel bad for my poor Johnny who is squished over to a teeny sliver of the bed he gets to call his!

His nursery is almost finished, and it is turning out better than I hoped!  It is so fun to make their nursery’s their own, while still reusing most of the same furniture.  It is soft and calming, and I love sitting in his rocking chair and spending time in his room. 

 Now for an update on my sweet, rowdy, crazy 2 year old!


We are certainly in the thick of 2 year old everything, learning, growing, tantrums!  It is fun and exhausting, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  Getting to stay home with him after having to work the 1st year of his life has been so much fun, and also so much work, but it is something I cherish. 

Sleeping in is big boy bed is still a challenge for all of us!  But we are slowing getting there.  There are times that we walk in to find him just like this, curled up on the floor instead of his nice bed!  At least he is sleeping 🙂


At my appointment the other day they had Life Flight waiting so we let RR go check it out.  This boy LOVES airplanes, and helicopters. 


We try to talk to him about baby, and he calls him by name, but as far as understanding that brother is going to live with us forever, he doesn’t really get that.  When I ask him who is going to come and live with us, he always says Nana because he knows she is coming when baby is born, so he assumes she must be moving in for good!  Poor guy!  I know I’m not the first mom to feel guilt about having another baby, but dang it  is killing me!  I am trying to soak up each and every second I have left with my little RR as my baby.  I have loved the last 2 years we have been blessed with him as our baby.  He is a great kid, and is so smart and makes us burst out laughing all the time! 

Glitter Letters {Valentine’s Day}

I saw these cute letters on Pinterest and wanted to make some for my home.

Source: delish.com via Carolyn on Pinterest


 I bought these for around $2.50 each at Hobby Lobby, coated them with Mod Podge, and added lots and lots of pink glitter.  They turned out better than I had even hoped. 

Glitter letters I made from Pinterest

Christmas Day

What a wonderful Christmas Day it was.  When it was finally time to open all the presents RR got shy and didn’t want anything to do with them.  I think it was the fact that Santa brought them that scared him off a little.  So Mama and Daddy had to help open most of his.  But he loved everything that he got.  His new toy kitchen has been his favorite!  He loves to put things in the microwave and when he pushes the buttons he says, “bee boop, bee boop”.  He whips up some great dishes and makes sure to give me and Daddy lots of tastes.


We ate our huge Christmas breakfast with cinnamon french toast, hash browns, sausage, fruit, and eggs.  It was so yummy like always.  Then we all got ready and went to church.  RR looked so handsome in his new church clothes. 

Ready for church

It was a fun, busy Christmas.  I can’t wait for next year when we have 2 little guys to celebrate with!

Christmas Day 24

Christmas Eve was a fun day full of traditions.  I love traditions, old and new.

We made an apple pie.


Johnny cooked us his yummy Mexican for dinner.  It is always my favorite.

Christmas Eve

We had treats hanging from the lights again this year.  RR thought it was fun.

We read the Christmas story from the Bible, and acted it out with the nativity people.  And finally we got to open our new Christmas jammies from Nana and Papa.  RR was SO excited to open a present, but after he found out it was only going to be jammies he was mad.  He was pretty sure that new jammies didn’t qualify as a an actual present.  He lucked out and his Aunt Randa called and Facetimed with us and let him open one of the gifts she sent him, so he perked up a little.


Then it was off to bed to wait for Santa to come.   

Christmas Day 23

What a wonderful day we had today.  Johnny took the day off of work and we drove to Galveston to see the festival of lights at Moody Gardens.  It was such a perfect day with my little family. 

We went early so we could walk the beach.

My boy has decided he is a Texan now because it was a little chilly at the beach and he wanted nothing to do with it, and started shivering violently.  It’s his new thing to be really dramatic when he does things.  He kept begging to go back to the car, so our walk was short, but still fun. 


We stopped to walk around The Strand, the historic downtown of Galveston, and it was really fun. 

I found a new favorite store while we were there.  It was a local soda shop/candy store.  They make all the chocolate and ice cream themselves, and it is all vintage.  They even have their workers dress the part which I loved!

Soda shop


The lights were fun again this  year, and RR had a great time. 


RR and his Daddy even got to roast a marshmallow and make a s’more.


Here is what Elfy was doing last night.



Christmas Day 22

I had my Dr. appointment today and I am measuring 2 weeks ahead, so my doctor is pretty sure baby boy is going to be over 10 pounds!  It’s always so fun to get to hear his little heart just beating away. 

Today was one of my favorite Christmas days, it was our annual Fancy Cheese Party!!  I LIVE for Fancy Cheese Party.  What makes this so fun is that each year we change it up by trying out new cheeses and recipes.  It never gets old, and we eat so much that we can hardly move, but it is so worth it. 

Fancy cheese party


We made our own baked Brie this year.  We have done Brie in the past and I have never once liked it, but Johnny really likes it, so I try year after year and finally this year, I fell in love with baked Brie.  If you aren’t on Pinterest yet you really should be, it is amazing and I have gotten some awesome recipes on there, this included. 


Elfy driving RR’s horse truck and trailer around the house.