101 Goals

My 101 Goals

 I started this list almost 4 years ago.  The ones in red have been completed.  And you will notice I still haven’t even completed my list, but that’s one of my goals too 🙂 
  • 1. Start my own business (Photography business doing primarily weddings).
  • 2. Sell my bowling alley.  If anyone out there that stumbles across this blog by mistake and is looking for a bowling alley for sale I have one for you!  Just ask and she’s all yours. 
  • 3.  Get a freaking job and not just any job, a job with insurance and vacation and dental-oh to have my teeth cleaned for free 2 times a year again!
  • 4. Pay off our credit cards, and they aren’t small.  Stupid graduate school fees and tests and plane tickets to visit aforementioned schools!
  • 5. Weigh the weight that is on my driver’s license.  I have only been that weight once in my life, and I vow to get there again. 
  •  6. Volunteer in my community.
  • 7. Meet Ree “The Pioneer Woman”.  And really meet her, not just stalk her from afar!! HA
  • 8. Enter my pictures in a photo contest and actually win something.   DONE
  • 9. Have a flat stomach with abs that you can really see-and not the painted on ones like Mariah Carey’s.
  • 10. Get one on my pictures published in a newspaper or magazine. 
  • 11. Go grocery shopping by myself.  And I am not talking just for a few things, I am talking about full blown grocery shopping all by myself. 
  • 12. Stop my demon swearing.  Yup that’s right I am going to try to stop swearing and I am fully aware that this is going to be by far my hardest goal so wish me luck everyone. 
  • 13. Don’t eat out for ONE month.  This might kill me dead as I love to eat out at least once a week.
  • 14. Learn how to make bread, good yummy Grandma Delsa bread.
  • 15. Read 101 books.
  • 16. Train and run in a 1/2 marathon.  I have no desire to run 23 miles for a full marathon, but I would love to run a 1/2 marathon.
  • 17. Learn to digi scrapbook at least one page.
  • 18. Make my bed everyday for a month.  I suck about this, I am just lazy.
  • 19. Meet my photography idol Jessica Claire.  (www.jessicaclaire.net)
  • 20.  Meet [b]ecker and attend his Party of 5 class. 
  • 21. Cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner by myself. 
  • 22. Take a picture of a sunrise, that means getting my lazy self out of bed about 6 hours before I normally do.
  • 23. Try some sort of seafood and try to not gag and throw it up.
  • 24. Read my scriptures everyday for 6 months.
  • 25. Save 10% of our income for a year and have it for our emergency fund.
  • 26. Reconnect and old friend I have lost touch with. (Done thanks to Facebook)
  • 27. Go to Africa.
  • 28. Cut my hair and donate it to charity.
  • 29. Go to Mexico with Johnny.
  • 30. Invest in more property, that is once I sell my bowling alley.
  • 31. Start getting food storage.
  • 32. Write down my memories of Grandma Emily.
  • 33. Write down my memories of Grandma Schiess.
  • 34. Finish writing down my memories of growing up.
  • 35. Read The Fountain Head by Ayn Rand.  (Johnny will be so proud, it’s his favorite book)
  • 36. Read the entire Bible.
  • 37. Print all of my digital pictures and get them at least into albums.
  • 38. Start and finish scrapbook from birth-high school.
  • 39. Start and finish my college scrapbook.
  • 40. Go on a snowmobile ride, a long one with dad and the boys.
  • 41. Go on a horse ride.  And try to not freak out and bawl like ninny.
  • 42. Visit all of the states.  I am more than 1/2 done with this one, so I just need to hurry and finish.
  • 43. Go to a Broadway play in NYC.
  • 44. Go to a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show.  That dude is so freaking funny.
  • 45. Learn how to make taffy, and make it as good as Grandma Delsa.
  • 46. Learn how to quilt and make a nice quilt.
  • 47. Learn how to paint.
  • 48. Make Dad’s Cabins make them a very good living. 
  • 49. Send out Christmas cards EVERY year, to everyone in my address book.
  • 50. Get a boob job.  (I know I am a superficial whore ;)
  • 51. Learn how to fly fish.
  • 52. Learn to shoot a gun. 
  • 53. Go to my 10 year High School reunion.
  • 54. Learn to shoot in M mode only.
  • 55. Get my Masters, or go back to college and get a degree in photography.
  • 56. Find a photographer that will let me second shoot at weddings with them.
  • 57. Find a bride that will let me shoot a Trash The Dress shot.
  • 58. Get a Trash The Dress shot published on their blog. 
  • 59. Get my passport.
  • 60. Go to Europe.
  • 61. Go see the Grand Canyon.
  • 62. Attend a photoshop class by the people from Photoshop User TV and Magazine.
  • 63. Put up my Christmas Tree.
  • 64. Make and take around treats to people I know for Christmas.
  • 65. Get a stamp in my passport to anywhere.
  • 66. Take a pottery class.
  • 67. Go to J-Rod’s family ranch and take pictures of it.
  • 68. Go to the beach in Texas.
  • 69. Go boating, I mean like on a real boat, not a speed boat.
  • 70. Go to Antiques Roadshow with mom.
  • 71. Send out at least a birthday card for everyone in my family and close friends for one year.
  • 72. Get a fishing license.  DONE
  • 73. Actually go fishing.  DONE
  • 74. Learn to really play tennis.
  • 75. Get my own set of golf clubs.
  • 76. Use the golf clubs and actually learn to be a good golfer.
  • 77. Learn to bake and decorate an awesome cake from scrath.
  • 78. Get my PHR.
  • 79. Walk 750 miles this year, I have until June 30th, 2009 on this one.
  • 80. Take and edit pictures at least once a week.
  • 81. Plan my church lessons AND handouts at least one month in advance.
  • 82. Go to Disneyland with my family.
  • 83.  Go to DC with Johnny
  • 84. Put together RR’s baby book up to age 2
  • 85. Digital scrapbook all other photos
  • 86. Put together new baby boy#2’s baby book
  • 87.  Starts AND Finish a 365 project

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