Night at the Carnival Part Duex

Fair time was the most anticipated time of year in our valley, second only to Christmas I’m sure.  It was right before school started again, and all the lucky kids got to wear their new school clothes to show them off to all of their friends they hadn’t seen all summer.  It was a grand time growing up.  Dad would give us each a little bit of money to spend on whatever game or ride we wanted.  He always said that he wasn’t going to give us anymore money during the week, so we better make it last, he lied every year.  We could always go running back for more money and without fail he would hand us over a few more dollar bills, the poor man about went broke during fair time with 7 kids.  Rides make me sick, so I would always spend my money on the games.  I would have my heart set on some mirrored unicorn picture, or filthy stuffed bear, and play until I ran out of money in a vain attempt to make those items mine.  My favorite carnival game was Treasure Chest.  Damn how I loved that game.  If you haven’t seen or played it, you are missing out.  You hand the guy your $5 and he gives you back a few tokens to put in their version of slot machines.  You try to aim your tokens so it pushes off more of them and you can keep playing and winning the prizes.  It was my favorite game one year at the fair, and I never saw it again after that, until the Carnival came to my new town this year.  And that first night, as I rounded the corner, it stood there, beckoning to me, while rays of sun shown down on it’s striped top.  I had to play this game again.  And my nice indulgent husband, gave me $5 and let me play again.  It was just like I remember, except that this time it was only fun for about 5 minutes and then I was shoving in all my coins to get rid of them as fast as I could because I was now bored, and afterwards my hands were black from touching all the yucky coins.  Then we found a place to wash my hands and did something that didn’t make us bored, we ate carnival food!

Don’t miss part 3 or my carnival night, I have been saving my very favorite part for last!