Life before Bloglines

My life before Bloglines was sad, and boring, and dull.  I would spend a few HOURS looking at people’s blogs, not getting a whole lot done in my life.  If you don’t have it, or don’t have anything at all for your blogs, you are freaking missing out.  You set up all your blogs and websites that you check on it, and then you just bookmark bloglines.  With one click all your blogs are right there, and you can instantly see who has a new post and who doesn’t.  No more needless checking, it is wonderful.  I would like to say my house became cleaner, and that my laundry got done after my sister showed me the light, but it didn’t.  Now I just have more time to not clean it.  And on nights like tonight, when my bloglines is temporarily down, I don’t know how to function.  Honestly, I am sitting here clicking my link over, and over trying in vain, praying and wishing it would come back up, and that their updates would finally be over.  I am lost without it, and I am sad and boring and dull again.  I love you bloglines.


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