It’s the little things

Little things make me happy.  Like for example, yesterday at work I was in interviews all morning, and when I got back to my desk I didn’t have one message, not one!  It felt like Christmas morning.  I also got a new lens for my camera, and you would have thought I was 6 and just got a new barbie.  My bloglines is back working today, and again my world feels like it is back in order.  I only have to work until 12 tomorrow because I have a boss who is freaking awesome, and she doesn’t care if I leave early.  Johnny bought us some stupid good chocolate raspberry cake tonight and I inhaled it shamelessly, with very little remorse.  And I get to go up home and see my family tomorrow and take wedding pictures with my new lens!!  And there you have my list of little things that have made me happy this week.


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