Helicopter ride

Ok, so I am super excited for tomorrow.  Not only do I not have to go to the office, but I get paid like I did!  One of our firemen is in the National Guard, he is a pilot, and is getting ready to be deployed.  So the guard, as a thank you lets them pick 3 people from their organization to invite to a Superday.  So our fire guy invited his chief, the mayor and HR, because it is always a pain for us when they come and go because we have to do all of their benefits seperation paperwork etc, and I get to go.  I totally won by default because my boss is out of town, but who freaking cares-not me!  So we are driving to their base, about an hour away, where we will get on a helicopter and then we get to fly to their training camp and watch them shoot stuff off and eat a hamburger and best of all, NOT BE IN THE OFFICE!!  I will take a few pictures and show you when I get back.


2 thoughts on “Helicopter ride

  1. Care!!! I am so happy – yet jealous at the same time!!! Ralphy is going to be green with envy when he finds out what you’re doing – I can’t wait to tell him! Hope you have fun – Can’t wait to see the pics!!! Oh, ask them if you can shoot something too!!!

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