Helicopter ride-THE REVIEW

I had SO much more fun than I even thought I was going to.  I went with another guy from the fire department named D.C., and the mayor.  D.C. just retired from the Guard 3 weeks ago after 20 years of service, so it was great to have him with us.  He told us all about his last deployment to Afghanistan, he knew everyone there, and all the places we were going, and was basically the best tour guide we could have ever asked for.  Theron, the other fireman who is the pilot, actually got to be the one that flew us up and back.  The ride was so freaking fun, it was great.  They took us through a really narrow canyon, and flew us just right up above the water.  It was wild to see the canyon walls so far up and think that we are inside it.  We got to watch them shoot off rockets, and do an air drop.  We had lunch and walked around and it was really fun.  We were late coming back so they had to hurry fast and we were flying 180 miles an hour, with the 2 side windows open-that’s a lot of wind.  Here a few of my pictures.




One of the co pilots

The mayor, me and D.C.

The other helicopter


In the canyon

Me and our helicopter

Theron and D.C.

Shooting a gun

Me beating the Mayor



Air drop1

Air drop



3 thoughts on “Helicopter ride-THE REVIEW

  1. Oh my heck that looks like so much fun! What a cool experience, not many people can say they have done that…but you my friend have!

  2. How awesome are you!! And more brave than me as well! That will be a fun story to tell in conversation. Glad you had fun!

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