Monday Night Confessions

Today I:

  • Worked 12 hours, am exempt and get no overtime, and now I want to cry.
  • Ate 4 cookies (big ones by the way), 2 little snack sized bags of chips, 1 package of fruit snacks that were so old I had to suck on them for a few minutes to soften them up, and 4 sandwiches, 2 for lunch, and 2 for dinner, and to tell you the truth, I am sure I could eat more if I wanted to. 
  • Changed my clothes no less than 3 times today.  And I am not talking just a shirt, I am talking 3 full, entire outfit changes today.  Shirt, pants, shoes, and of course this means I had to change my purse to match.  I couldn’t find an outfit I was comfortable in, of course had I not eaten so much I may have avoided this issue. 
  • Freaked out about the economy about 10 times.

This week I:

  • Have another senior photo session on Wednesday, but for a boy, and boys are hard to take pictures of so I am kinda freakin out.
  • Am planning on going to a step aerobics class tomorrow, haven’t gone since my one and only time in college where my roommate Missy and I laughed so hard we started to cry because we couldn’t keep up with the woman who was 9 months pregnant.  Before that I haven’t been since high school.  And even then I didn’t go that often.  Wish me luck.
  • Get to attend a defensive driving class for work, where I will have flashbacks of driver’s ed, and Mr. Banta.   
  • Have to work another 12 hours tomorrow, and now I am crying.
  • I still love my job, and I am off to eat another cookie. 

A little Photoshop Before and After

Hello, my name is Carolyn and I am an addict.  I can’t live without Photoshop.  I love it, and I love playing around with it and seeing what I can do.  I am in no way an expert, but I love to play.  Some people and their skills are amazing, and one day I would love to take classes so that I can get better.  Before I even take a picture, I can already see in my mind what it is going to look like when I am done editing it.  I LOVE editing pictures as much or more than even taking pictures.  I could sit here for hours and work on pictures.  So if you ever want me to edit a picture for you just let me know 😉  I wanted to share this one because I am pretty proud of how it turned out.  This is my niece Rae Rae, when she was in Wyoming she rolled down a hill, poor thing!  Well she is so pretty and I was planning on taking her pictures even before her tumble, so we still took some on Sunday when she was all dressed up.  I was pretty certain I could make her look ok, but you never really know until you start working on it.  I am really happy with the results.  Before:




If it weren’t for bad luck…

I don’t really have that terrible of luck, but I will tell you what, I think I jinxed myself.  Remember 2 posts down when I was a little leery of my hotel room?  Well that was just me being funny and a little neurotic.  But do you want to hear my funny story? 

Ok well when I got here last night and checked in, my room did smell like Doug’s my bowling alley (that’s another post all in itself).  Not to mention that I noticed under the desk big gobs of cotton stuff, and some other stuff.  It must have been the vacuum lady’s day off.  So next I inspected the bed, and all looked ok there, so I went to sleep.  6 AM I get up and start getting ready.  Before getting in the shower, I noticed that there is sticky mystery stuff on the bathroom floor and my feet are sticking to it.  I have this really freaky thing about my bare feet touching anything questionable, it really wigs me out.  Well I hop in the shower, and bad news, literally 2 minutes in, my shower turns cold, and my water pressure goes away. So now I have a head full of soap that takes me 10 minutes to wash out of my Rapunzel length hair.  Oh yeah and I have 2 flies buzzing around in my room. 

Ok ok, so I get out of the shower and I have to put on socks so as to avoid stepping in the sticky stuff.  I get ready and call the front desk and ask for a manager.  Well no manager yet, so I tell the gal about my issues and tell her that my room must be cleaned good today because I have to stay another night.  Fine she says.  Well during my lunch break I am in my room and the cleaning lady knocks on the door and I let her in.  She says to me, “So I hear you want your room cleaned really good huh?”  Um, shouldn’t it be cleaned really good like all the time?  Holy Mighty.  Ok again fine, whatever, just fix it and I am good. 

So I head back down to class.  As I am in class learning and studying, I work up quite a thirst, and pour myself a nice cold glass of water, only to discover moments before taking a big ol swig, that there is a fly in my glass.   

Class is a little less than stellar, so I ditch out of the last hour and sneak up to my room.  Well I can’t get in, my key is now not working.  I burst out laughing because I mean there is no way this is all happening.  Back to the lobby I head, but not before having to pass through all the vendors, and people from my conference.  This time I speak with a manager.  I tell her all of the issues that I have had, and that I am now locked out.  Manager tells me that it is my fault the key won’t work because I might have had it by metal.  Because I do carry pockets and purses full of metal on a regular basis.  She gives me a free breakfast ticket for my pain and suffering and fixes my key.  I am set.  I trot back up to my room, past the vendors and class people again.  Get to my door, and I’ll be, my key is STILL not working.  My head drops and I am fairly certain I uttered a few choice and classy words.  Back to lobby for me, past the vendors and people again I go, my head ducked as far down as I can possibly make it and still see.  

Manager lady sees me again.  
ME:  “Yeah, my key is STILL not working, and all I really want is to get in my room with my stuff, I am freaking beggin you here”  
Manager:  “Ok I will go up with you and make sure it is working” 
Yes please, because I am apparently a little to dumb to make my key work.  Past the vendors I walk for like the 11th time, giving them all high 5’s as I pass, because we are BFF’s by this point.  

We get to the room, and manager pulls out her special magic key, the one that she plans on using to show me just how stupid and dumb and whinny I really am.  And I’ll be, her magic key didn’t work either.  I throw my hands in the air in triumph.  

My door is now finally fixed for good, my floors are vacumed as best as you can expect from the Ramada, the tile is scrubbed and sparkly, and I think I am finally good to go.

YW Lesson #37 The Word of God as a Standard

Phew this lesson is going to tough.  It will require a lot of class participation, and I have a really quite class, so I hope it goes well.  For my lesson I am first going to let them do the word search that has all the words at the first of the lesson, Marriage, Divorce, Drugs, etc.  Once they are done with that we will talk about our views versus those of the world.  I am also going to bring some newspapers, and I will have each one of the girls look up articles on the words in the word search, and we are going to see how many worldly articles we can find compared to how many actually follow what the gospel teaches.  I will have them cut them out and we will hang them up on the board to see the difference.  After that I am going to cut out each of the little articles in the manuel and have them take turns reading each one, and we will discuss.  My handout for this week is a bag of Smarties, and reads, “Be ‘Smart'” Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” Proverbs 3:5-6

word of god1


Click on the link to download the handout: word-of-god2

word of God2

Click on the link to download the word-of-god-word-search

word of God3

Bloggin from a hotel room

Well I am sitting here bloggin from what I am sure could only be a 5 star motel.  I don’t love hotels that smell like smoke and I really don’t love it when the bedding leaves me wondering…But here I am none the less.  I am at a conference for the next 2 days, and at least I am with my boss so I won’t have to do it alone.  I am a chicken about stuff like this.  Plus this is the first time in my whole life I have ever had to stay in a hotel room alone, and it is a little unnerving.  But I have been tagged by Jenny, so here goes.


The Office
Criminal Minds
Grey’s Anatomy
The Early Early morning news on CBS (the 5:30 one)


Jeffrey’s (local)
Pei Wei
PF Changs
The Bakery(my all time favorite place in SLC, I miss it so much!)
The Prairie Rose Cafe (local)
Corona Village (again local) 


John surprised me with a quick trip to go shopping in Colorado
Got to eat at Panda Express…YUM
Bought new bedding
Counted down the minutes of work until John came to get me
Solved a few minor HR problems
Didn’t really do my hair, didn’t really care
Bought yummy candy from a great Mexican store
Got Uncle Todd’s pictures ready to be mailed


John finishing school
Buying my first house
Taking newborn pictures for Shalee in not too long!
Going home to see my family
Christmas break with Johnny
Sleeping in my own bed again in 2 days
Going on all my exciting upcoming trips this year
My free swag I better get from this conference


To go to Mexico with Johnny
To get out of debt
To get my very own house (I know I already used it once, but this is hard)
To go to Hawaii with Johnny
To be more brave
To be a real photographer
To not be so scared of people and places and smells and sounds and all things that freak me out.
To wear a white dress to my sister’s wedding!!!hahaha


Anyone and everyone else. 

I heart The Office

I hope all you enjoy watching The Office on Thursday, and I hope you all think of me as I won’t be watching.  Stinkin job.  Jobs are a necessary evil, and they really cramp my style, if it weren’t for my love of eating, and the desire to not be homeless, I am sure I would quit.  While you are all laughing your guts out at Michael Scott, I will be mingling with random people at a work function.  Yeah that’s right, I have to go to a work function, and no I can’t get out of it.  I will be experiencing my own version of The Office that night.  But just remember how jealous I am of you all!  And if I read one spoiler on here you are all dead to me, do hear me?  Dead to me!  Here is a clip of The Best of Jim’s Pranks on Dwight.


This is my friend Tandango: 

Me and T

Not to be confused with Fandango the movie tickets guy. 

Tandango is my 5 year old nephew, and he and I are great buddies.  He loves photography as much as I do.  When I go up home he and I go on photo hikes.  When I call to tell him I am coming up, he always makes sure to remind me to bring my “little camera” so we can go out together.  He is pretty sure that the best thing to ever happen to him was when I got my “big camera”, because he knows he is the boss of the old one now.  The best part is that he takes it all very seriously.  He isn’t just out having fun, he actually puts more thought into what he is taking a picture of than I am.  My favorite is when he will pose you just how he wants.  He will tell you to turn your head a certain way, to move your hands, to fix your hair.  He is awesome, and at least I don’t have to go out picture hunting alone anymore 🙂



Here is one that he took of John and I:


And another really nice, always flattering angle of my butt, thanks Tandango!