I am so happy it’s Friday!  I know it’s been a short week, but for the last month work has been so crazy busy that I can’t wait for the weekends.  I have organized, setup, and sat on 7 interview panels this month, and I have another one next week.  I love sitting in on interview panels, but they take up so much time during my day, and some panels take up an entire day, which means that I have been getting further and further behind on my day to day tasks.  Plus I have bills due this month which I hate.  I don’t even like doing my own bills, John does them, so to have to reconcile $60,000 worth of bills is not my favorite.  But I am so glad that it’s Friday so I can have a few days off.  Plus I don’t have to teach this Sunday 🙂  I am going to a baby shower tomorrow, and we are having friends over for dinner so it should be a fun weekend.  Plus I am hoping to get caught up on my picture editing which I am falling so far behind on.  Hope everyone else has a great weekend!


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