Young Women’s Lesson #35 Dating Decisions handout

I teach the Beehives, so this lesson is a little tricky for 12 and 13 year olds because they still have 3-4 years before they even are allowed to date, and talking with them about Lust vs Love is going to be super fun 🙂  So after I talk about those subjects, I plan on turning my lesson in a different direction, and talking about all the fun they can have on group dates, and how to have a blast while still staying safe.  I found a ton of cute dating ideas on, and I am going to copy a few down and give to the girls.  I also made the note cards for them to write down their dating guidelines, as outlined on the last page of the lesson.  And finally, for my handout, I combined 3 different ideas that I found on Sugardoodle.  The handout reads:  CAN’T WAIT TO DATE?  Be ‘chewsy’ with whom you share your ‘hugs’ and ‘kisses’ because the choices you make ‘now’ will affect what happens ‘later’….Make temple marriage your goal.  And of course I have a goody bag filled with Hersey’s kisses and hug, a pack of gum, and some Now and Laters.  Click the links below for both of the handouts: 






16 thoughts on “Young Women’s Lesson #35 Dating Decisions handout

  1. Thanks about the hair, its a change and I think I like it. Hopefully will be a little less maintenance for a while. Those are freaking adorable handouts, you are amazing! You up for step this week? We did yoga on Sat and I am kinda sore today 🙂

  2. Cute! I’m over the beehives in my ward, too, but just don’t have enough time to prepare darling hand-outs. Hate to admit that I was dating when I was 12 — they still need that talk!

  3. Thank you so much for posting your handouts! They are perfect. I have been feeling so nervous about teaching this lesson but now I feel a little more confident. Thanks again for sharing your ideas. -Rachel

  4. Hi! I am the MIA Maid leader in our ward, and would love to use your hand-outs, but it says I do not have permission. Am I doing something wrong?


  5. Hi Ashley,
    Just click on the links that say dating2 and dating right above each picture and you should be able to get them. If that doesn’t work just let me know and I can e-mail them to you 🙂

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