This is my friend Tandango: 

Me and T

Not to be confused with Fandango the movie tickets guy. 

Tandango is my 5 year old nephew, and he and I are great buddies.  He loves photography as much as I do.  When I go up home he and I go on photo hikes.  When I call to tell him I am coming up, he always makes sure to remind me to bring my “little camera” so we can go out together.  He is pretty sure that the best thing to ever happen to him was when I got my “big camera”, because he knows he is the boss of the old one now.  The best part is that he takes it all very seriously.  He isn’t just out having fun, he actually puts more thought into what he is taking a picture of than I am.  My favorite is when he will pose you just how he wants.  He will tell you to turn your head a certain way, to move your hands, to fix your hair.  He is awesome, and at least I don’t have to go out picture hunting alone anymore 🙂



Here is one that he took of John and I:


And another really nice, always flattering angle of my butt, thanks Tandango!



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