If it weren’t for bad luck…

I don’t really have that terrible of luck, but I will tell you what, I think I jinxed myself.  Remember 2 posts down when I was a little leery of my hotel room?  Well that was just me being funny and a little neurotic.  But do you want to hear my funny story? 

Ok well when I got here last night and checked in, my room did smell like Doug’s my bowling alley (that’s another post all in itself).  Not to mention that I noticed under the desk big gobs of cotton stuff, and some other stuff.  It must have been the vacuum lady’s day off.  So next I inspected the bed, and all looked ok there, so I went to sleep.  6 AM I get up and start getting ready.  Before getting in the shower, I noticed that there is sticky mystery stuff on the bathroom floor and my feet are sticking to it.  I have this really freaky thing about my bare feet touching anything questionable, it really wigs me out.  Well I hop in the shower, and bad news, literally 2 minutes in, my shower turns cold, and my water pressure goes away. So now I have a head full of soap that takes me 10 minutes to wash out of my Rapunzel length hair.  Oh yeah and I have 2 flies buzzing around in my room. 

Ok ok, so I get out of the shower and I have to put on socks so as to avoid stepping in the sticky stuff.  I get ready and call the front desk and ask for a manager.  Well no manager yet, so I tell the gal about my issues and tell her that my room must be cleaned good today because I have to stay another night.  Fine she says.  Well during my lunch break I am in my room and the cleaning lady knocks on the door and I let her in.  She says to me, “So I hear you want your room cleaned really good huh?”  Um, shouldn’t it be cleaned really good like all the time?  Holy Mighty.  Ok again fine, whatever, just fix it and I am good. 

So I head back down to class.  As I am in class learning and studying, I work up quite a thirst, and pour myself a nice cold glass of water, only to discover moments before taking a big ol swig, that there is a fly in my glass.   

Class is a little less than stellar, so I ditch out of the last hour and sneak up to my room.  Well I can’t get in, my key is now not working.  I burst out laughing because I mean there is no way this is all happening.  Back to the lobby I head, but not before having to pass through all the vendors, and people from my conference.  This time I speak with a manager.  I tell her all of the issues that I have had, and that I am now locked out.  Manager tells me that it is my fault the key won’t work because I might have had it by metal.  Because I do carry pockets and purses full of metal on a regular basis.  She gives me a free breakfast ticket for my pain and suffering and fixes my key.  I am set.  I trot back up to my room, past the vendors and class people again.  Get to my door, and I’ll be, my key is STILL not working.  My head drops and I am fairly certain I uttered a few choice and classy words.  Back to lobby for me, past the vendors and people again I go, my head ducked as far down as I can possibly make it and still see.  

Manager lady sees me again.  
ME:  “Yeah, my key is STILL not working, and all I really want is to get in my room with my stuff, I am freaking beggin you here”  
Manager:  “Ok I will go up with you and make sure it is working” 
Yes please, because I am apparently a little to dumb to make my key work.  Past the vendors I walk for like the 11th time, giving them all high 5’s as I pass, because we are BFF’s by this point.  

We get to the room, and manager pulls out her special magic key, the one that she plans on using to show me just how stupid and dumb and whinny I really am.  And I’ll be, her magic key didn’t work either.  I throw my hands in the air in triumph.  

My door is now finally fixed for good, my floors are vacumed as best as you can expect from the Ramada, the tile is scrubbed and sparkly, and I think I am finally good to go.


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