Monday Night Confessions

Today I:

  • Worked 12 hours, am exempt and get no overtime, and now I want to cry.
  • Ate 4 cookies (big ones by the way), 2 little snack sized bags of chips, 1 package of fruit snacks that were so old I had to suck on them for a few minutes to soften them up, and 4 sandwiches, 2 for lunch, and 2 for dinner, and to tell you the truth, I am sure I could eat more if I wanted to. 
  • Changed my clothes no less than 3 times today.  And I am not talking just a shirt, I am talking 3 full, entire outfit changes today.  Shirt, pants, shoes, and of course this means I had to change my purse to match.  I couldn’t find an outfit I was comfortable in, of course had I not eaten so much I may have avoided this issue. 
  • Freaked out about the economy about 10 times.

This week I:

  • Have another senior photo session on Wednesday, but for a boy, and boys are hard to take pictures of so I am kinda freakin out.
  • Am planning on going to a step aerobics class tomorrow, haven’t gone since my one and only time in college where my roommate Missy and I laughed so hard we started to cry because we couldn’t keep up with the woman who was 9 months pregnant.  Before that I haven’t been since high school.  And even then I didn’t go that often.  Wish me luck.
  • Get to attend a defensive driving class for work, where I will have flashbacks of driver’s ed, and Mr. Banta.   
  • Have to work another 12 hours tomorrow, and now I am crying.
  • I still love my job, and I am off to eat another cookie. 

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