A Family Portrait Session

I had so much fun shooting our friends The Styler’s.  John and Steve are in school together, and Lindsey and I go to step class (yes I still go, I know I’m awesome!)  We did their shoot on 2 different days because the first day was so cold we about froze their sweet little girl! The second time we went it was great weather and we were able to get a bunch of fun ones.  I have so many that are my favorites, so beware there are a ton of photos here!  



Mom and B B&W





Little feet








Dad and B

Halloween Gives Me Anxiety


So we have pretty much established by now that I am a freak.  I have A LOT of neuroses, and one of those just happens to deal with Trick or Treating.  Some people live and die for this holiday, but I am sadly not one of them.  I like most things about Halloween, like the candy.  I just like to buy my own candy and eat it in peace in my house without random people ringing my doorbell.  What is wrong with me you ask?  Am I like the Grinch of Halloween?  Why yes Cindy Lou Who, I am.  

I grew up in the mountains, and I literally mean we lived up a canyon in the mountains and we didn’t have neighbors.  Our closest ones lived a mile away, so they don’t really count.  So living where I did meant that we never got trick or treaters.  Mom could buy one candy bar, eat half and still have enough left over to hand out to the trick or treaters we got.   If we were lucky, one of our Osmond cousins (and there were plenty since everyone with the last name of Erickson lived there almost) would come to our house. 

Not to mention our weather.  I think I remember about 2 Halloweens when there was a couple feet of snow already.  This of course meant you had to wear snow boots, gloves, and heavy coat, and possibly a hat to go out and beg for candy, which really defeated the purpose of a costume. 

I do have good memories about this holiday.  My favorite was going to my Great Grandma Emily’s house first.  She made sure that Granny Delsa or someone else had bought her enough candy to give out to all of her 75+ grandkids.  She was the greatest to go and visit.  She was always sitting in the same spot on her couch every time with her crocheting on her lap.  She would always act so impressed with whatever it was we were wearing.  She would tell us how beautiful we looked, or how scary our costume was.  After that we would go to Granny Delsa’s house who lived right next door, and she would do and say the same thing.  It was great. 

Living in the city on Halloween is a different story.  Having people come and knock on the door freaks me out.  I just think it is so weird because I didn’t grow up where this was normal.  When we lived in SLC we lived in the ghetto, so only the really brave kids would dare come out for candy, and even with that it was only 3 or 4 knocks all night.  But now we don’t live in the ghetto and loads of people actually come to our house. 

Last year was our first year here, and I was lucky enough to have my best little friend Peanut come and stay with us.  She loved it when the doorbell would ring and she could hold out the candy bucket to the kids.  I lasted about 4 trick or treaters before I had to finally shut off the lights.  It was really freaking me out.  We had tons and tons of candy left because of my being a freak, and we had to sit really quite in a dark house for hours while hundreds of kids and families milled around the neighborhood.  But I let peanut watch out the window!  I don’t know what my deal is, I just don’t like shifty little kids coming to my house dressed up and asking for candy, it makes me nervous.  So there you have it.  Happy Halloween everyone!

A New Perspective

Last night for Young Women’s we went to the old prison here in town for a ghost tour.  We started out in the barn for some ghost stories, went on a hay ride through town for more ghost stories and shootouts, and then finally through the dark prison for more stories and scares.  They of course had their actors all dressed up and would have them jump out and come up to you and try to scare you.  It was really fun, and the girls had a blast, they screamed their hearts out while clinging to each other, me and anyone else they could get their hands on.  I had 10 Beehives and Mia Maids from our ward, combinded with a bunch from other wards too. 

This is my first time in YW, I had always been in Primary, and being in YW is like reliving my teenage years, but through adult eyes now.  Spook houses used to always terrify me when I was younger, and I would scream and be dramatic.  And this time it was so bizarre to walk through the whole thing and not be scared, and not scream, and to just laugh and watch what I used to be like.  For me it was like an out of body experience, it was very odd, and at times it makes me feel so old.  But the good news of the night was that once the scares were over and the lights were back on, I still had 10 YW, I didn’t loose any.  Always a good thing 🙂

Redemption for T

That last post did not work out in my cute sister T’s favor, so I figured that I owed her a redemption post.  Here is a super cute picture I totally robbed off her facebook page.  In case you didn’t know this lucky sucker is living in Hawaii for like the 3rd time.  Oh to be young, skinny, hot and living on an island.

A Photo Tag

Lindsey tagged me for this fun photo tag.  You open your picture file, go to the 4th file and the 4th picture and post about it.  Well here she is, don’t hate me and be mad T, I had to play along and it appears it was your bad fortune to be the 4 x 4 for this tag.  But I still love you and I hope that after this post those feelings will be reciprocated!  But if you wouldn’t mind tell us all what exactly is going on in this picture we would appreciate it 🙂



Now I tag Randa and T and anyone else who wants to play!

Who Said Vanity Never Pays?

Let’s take Thanksgiving 2 years ago as an example shall we?  We were living in Star Valley and had to drive to Preston Idaho to John’s family’s place.  I got up extra early that day to get ready, ran to my clothes which I had already laid out a week earlier in anticipation, and got dressed.  It was only a few weeks earlier that I had purchased my self the cutest pair of red high heels, and I was bound and determined to wear them no matter what the weather was like, which meant that I got WAY over dressed for the occasion as I tend to do.


We loaded up our goods and headed out.  To get to Preston we have to drive over 3 fairly large and treacherous mountain ranges.  We managed the first 2 with no issues.  But a bad thing happened on the 3rd one.  It was snowing that day, and as we started our ascent up to the top we drove past a few cars off the road, and in case you don’t remember that things don’t click very fast with us hopefully this will refresh your memory.

Ok so cars are off the road, but are sure our little 50 pounder is going to be the one that makes it up the hill.  We have faith, we think we can, we think we can, oh son of a … we think we are sliding not off the road, but backwards and off to the opposite side of the road.  I squeal like a mashed cat and cover my eyes.  John being a good driver, and not to easily fazed, safely gets us to the other side and by an embankment.  As we are sitting there watching other cars succumb to our same fate, a large pickup truck pulls next to us.  We have both gotten out of the car at this point because we are more than a little worried that someone might smack into our car.  We start to visit with the woman in the truck about the roads and what do you know, her truck slowly started to slide SIDEWAYS and smacked right into our car!


Oh and I don’t know what the whole Rabbits license plate thing is about, I should have asked.


Lucky for us a smarter man and his family in their SUV had stopped at a turn out just down from us and were waiting out the carnage before they attempted anything.  He came scrambling up the hill to help us, and I am glad he did because I didn’t know what we were going to do. 


 He and John got the chains on her truck, and our car, and while she slowly pushed on the gas they were able to push her truck away from us without too much damage.  John LOVES to put on tire chains, and he REALLY loves when I take his picture doing it.  Plus you see that grease on his best pair of jeans? Yeah so did I.  Stupid greasy chains.

As I was standing out there shivering, the nice smart man in the SUV helping us let me go and sit in his car with his family.  And you know what, those dadgum heels came in handy, I was the only person who didn’t have to literally sit on their butt to slide down the mountain.  I just dug my nice heels into the ice and away I went.  And for those who say that vanity never pays, I give you Exhibit A:


Crazy Busy

This week has been insanely busy.  I have had something going every night this week.  Right after work I have had to run from one thing to the next.  I had pictures Monday night after work, Tuesday night I had step class, Wednesday night I had YW, Thursday night I took some family pictures for our friends, and right after that I ran home, got ready, put on a dress and went to a law school dinner thing with John, today I have work, and then I am so excited to get to go take some more fun baby pictures.  Tomorrow we have to get up really early to make an 8 hour drive to John’s house to see his brother who just came home from his mission, and then turn around on Sunday morning and drive right back.  So I won’t be able to work on any pictures all weekend and it might kill me!  So if I don’t blog don’t think I’m dead, I’m not 🙂  Have a great weekend everyone!

What ever happened to Sweetie Pup?

This is Sweetie Pup, and she was my dog.

 05-21-06 015

She actually started out as my sister Halie’s dog, and then she became my Mom’s and then I got her.  She was the best stinkin dog.  And here is the thing, I am not an animal lover AT ALL.  I have this thing with animals and I can’t touch them with my bare hands, it freaks me out and then my hands feel so dirty and dry, and then I start to hyperventilate. 

Sweetie was the first animal, and there is good chance the last, that I will ever really love.  She was so cute and loved to snuggle with me on the couch.  When John would leave for work she would run to my bed when he kissed me goodbye in the mornings so he would put her in bed with me.  She loved that.  We had her when we lived in Salt Lake, and we took her up home with us to Star Valley when we moved there.  We had only moved home for about 2 weeks when she vanished.  She was out running around in the field down by the Gypsy wagon that we lived in when I left to go up to Mom’s.  Dad and John were there in the backhoe diggin a garden.  When I got home that night she was no where.  I freaked out.  I didn’t think I would ever be “one of those people”.  You know, the ones who actually cry over an animal, but holy crap I bawled for weeks.  We went out looking all over the place that night, and for a couple weeks after.  We put an ad in the paper and on the radio, and nothing.  We had just given her a bath that day so I hadn’t put her tags back on yet.  So what ever happened to Sweetie?  I have 2 theories, and John and Dad only like one. 

Theory #1:  John forgot to put her back in the house and someone took her.  Some nice family with a farm I hope. 

Theory #2:  Dad and John had a tragic accident with the backhoe and gave her a nice little graveside service.  After which they swore with their own blood and spit smashed together in their handshake to never tell anyone as long as they lived what happened that fateful night. 

What theory do you believe?  I happen to lean heavily towards #2. 

I miss you Sweetie Pup.