I’m Back

I am sure everyone missed me and my blog so much that you all probably cried yourself to sleep at nights, but don’t worry, I’m back 😉

It was a nice weekend home.  It rained the entire time, but I did brave the rain for a few photos I will hopefully be ready to post by this week.  What did everyone else do for the weekend?  Anything fun?


8 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. I really do love reading your blog! You make me laugh so hard sometimes. . .if you are ever in Utah you will have to let me know I would love to laugh a lunch away with you sometime!

  2. As far as I know we will be around. We usually spend Christmas here. We will be gone the beginning of December but we are home the 13th I think. Let me know!!

  3. new thought, if my house sells by then and we are in a new beautiful house maybe we could have you over. Our old house is NOT good for hosting, but if I were in my new house I would be tempted!

  4. If our house sells fast enough then yes. I found an amazing house that if we had bought it even 1 year ago would have been 120k more than it is now, brand new, amazing. . .ugh just thinking about it I am just praying that our house sells. If not I am sure there will be another beautiful home I am just loving THIS one.

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