Or as I really prefer to think of it, free Christmas gifts.  I am new to this whole working for a living for someone other than my dad thing, so I had no idea that when you go to conferences they have vendors set up in the hall trying to sell your company stuff.  Well to reel you in they have swag-free trinkety things.  They even give you a big bag when you get there so you can collect all your swag in it.  I am still not really good at this whole grabbing free stuff from someone who I know has nothing to offer my place of employment, but I am getting better at it.  And I decided that they will work great as Christmas gifts.  Let’s take a look at my latest haul shall we?


I mean look at all this GREAT stuff.  For example that big over sized calculator is what I plan on giving my sister Randa for her stocking stuffer this year, no more need for those coke bottle glass she likes to wear when she has this baby.  See that little plastic green thing full of mints?  Yep that is my other sister Terri’s wedding shower present, every new bride needs a stockpile of mints.  The toothbrush you can see in the bottom right, that is going to my friend Terri.  I have never met a gal who loves a good toothbrush like she does, in fact if I remember right her dentist actually told her to STOP brushing her teeth so much.  Can you see that little First Aid kit?  That goes to Rhonda, she loves anything and everything emergency related.  (Oh yeah, Rhonda is my mom in case you didn’t know that already).  

This time they actually had some good swag.  I got John some Callaway golf balls, and a Callaway bag, and I would have gotten one his friends who like to golf too, but they would only let me have one…stingy suckers.  So get ready for some great gifts from me this year everyone!


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