The Wind…It’s Back

Well it never really left, but it has picked back up again with a fury today.  If you have ever lived here, or visited here, it’s a little wild.  Again I go back to Star Valley for my point of reference, but honest the wind in SV wasn’t anything I ever even noticed, let alone talked about, or should I say ranted about, then I moved here.  The summer was so nice, the wind was just a constant peaceful breeze.  But in the fall/winter, it is something else.  Everyday in the winter is terrible, but Sundays are my worst.  Why Sunday?  Oh because the Stake Center is up on a hill, so when you get out of the car both your skirt, and your hair blow up above your head.  So for me to make it into the building with any dignity left I have to hold my hair in one hand, and my skirt with the other while walking as fast as I can in heels.  It’s definitely an experience, and I don’t know if I am ready for it again.  Wish me luck.

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