I Need Your Help!

We have already established that I am a complete and total slacker wife, and now I need your help.  I am going to turn over a new leaf, start fresh, make a big change, I am going to be Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, Jane Fonda…oh wait, not her.  I have this bizarre kitchen obsession, I love vintage aprons, I love vintage cake stands, I love and want to buy all sorts of new kitchen gadgets, I love to read fancy recipes, and want to subscribe to food magazines.  But here is my issue, none of that translates over into me cooking.  I need some real help, I need some real recipes.  I need to know where you go for recipes.  Are there great food blogs that you like to read?  Do you have your own recipe box overflowing with yummy things?  Because I’ll tell you what, I sure don’t.  We eat like the same 5 things over and over, and I would really like to try and have John make me some new things…I tease I tease, I might try to make some of them myself, but I need some great recipes.  Nothing that takes hours, I want something middle of the road, but yet I don’t know where to turn.  This is where I need your help, I need to know what you eat.  What do other people eat?  Or are you like us, and have your usual standby meals over and over?  Which, to be honest would make me feel better to know that we aren’t alone in this.  Do you know of some blogs that I would like?  Anything?  I am begging you all here, I really need some help.  So if you can help me out I would totally appreciate it.  Thanks.

Yours Truly,

The Slacker Wife


8 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. One of my favorite recipe blogs is “getoffyourbuttandbake.blogspot.com” (I have a link off of my blog) She has really good recipes that are fairly easy and don’t take wierd ingredients you never have!

    Do you guys prefer chicken, beef or does it really matter? I will go through my recipes and see what I have to pass on to you. My personal favorites are crock-pot recipes cause all you have to do is put in all the ingredients and then forget about dinner until it is basically time to eat!

    Good luck!

  2. I have to admit I am horrible at trying new things. I love the crockpot and I love the same about 20 recipes. It helps for me to have a list to pull from. Its on the side of the fridge and I have everything there that is Ronnie approved and doesn’t take too long to make. When I do try something new and it gets approval, it gets added to the list. I’ll have to pull out a few of my tried and true recipes and send them your way.

  3. Here are a few of the cooking blogs and websites that I love to visit. Some of them have more practical recipes than others.

  4. The best site ever is allrecipes.com. I never used to cook and now I am a chef. That site saved my life and Marks shrinking figure. It has ratings on everything so you only make the high rated stuff, but everything I have tried has been excelent!

  5. Awesome sites everyone! Thanks so much. I would love any personal recipes if you would like to share.

    Lyndi,we eat pretty much everything but fish-I don’t eat fish, John does. We eat elk if we have it too.

    That is a great idea about the list, I will have to do that.

  6. I went back to that weird store and they didn’t have any left 😦 But I do have her name and number and maybe I will call and get you one for Christmas.

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