Guess What I Own…

For the maybe 1  person who doesn’t know yet, I am the proud owner of Afton Bowling Lanes.  You heard me right, I paid money for that place we all used to bowl in growing up.  And being totally selfish and mean, I promptly shut it down the day I signed the note.  The main reason I did this was to deprive all other young SV people of the wonderful smoke filled memories that randomly dot my childhood. 

Wasn’t it the greatest?  I mean let’s talk about this for a minute.  You could hardly see in the windows because of the smoke and steam from hot sweaty bowlers.  Wasn’t it amazing the amount of smoke ONE person could create?  AMAZING.  But when the only movie house in town was playing a PG-13 movie and your mom wouldn’t let you go, the only thing left was bowling.  Of course this was after you ate your fill at Pizza Hut, or The Elkhorn.  I love that everything was within walking distance in Afton.  Before you were old enough to drive your mom would drop you off on main street for the night with $5 and you were set.  I even remember watching Randa and my brothers drag main.  Randa in the big red suburban, Ralph in his white truck with those giant whip antennas.  Sorry I totally got off track. 

OK, here is what the bowling alley looked like when we bought it, lock, stock, and cigarette still burning in the ash tray. 

05-21-06 222

Look close and you can see Doug himself.

05-21-06 223

05-21-06 225

05-21-06 228

Here are the 2 dudes that talked me into this 🙂
05-21-06 229

Ok see there by the pool table, you see that blue door?  Well I never even noticed that door before when I was younger. 

05-21-06 230

This mess is what was behind the blue door.  05-21-06 231

05-21-06 232

05-21-06 236

I have a ton of pictures, so check back tomorrow to see the cleaned up version, and hear about the horror of it all, and then on Wednesday I will show what it is today.  Oh by the way, if you want to buy this beauty, or know someone who does, just let me know 🙂


One thought on “Guess What I Own…

  1. So dang funny Carolyn! The memories are killing me. Doesn’t Kendall own the Buy 12 cheeseburgers get the 13th free sign? Wahahaha. I always remember wondering,”Who would buy a cheeseburger here?” My junior year, every Friday we would go to the Elkhorn and to a movie or the bowling alley. The strange thing is i didn’t really feel deprived either! My kids are too spoiled! About dragging main, can you believe I never did that? Not once. That was Amy’s domain! lol Great memories Carolyn!

    Hey, is your mom keeping her store open through the winter. I ask because I have been so slow getting her the 5 cards I owe her that I wanted to make more to give her for free and if she was going to be open at Christmas time I would make some Christmas cards for her to sell. Also, can you give me her address? You rule. I will laugh all day about the bowling alley.

    One more funny. When Christy Spaulding and I were in Lifetime Sports we went bowling and we hadn’t worn socks that day! Ewwwww. I still feel dirty over that. 🙂

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