My Bowling Alley

Cleaning up this place was insane.  John did like all of the work, so I won’t even try to take credit for that, but after all the crap was out of there I cleaned my butt off.  It took 4 dump truck loads, plus about 10 regular pickup truck loads to empty it out.  It was an intense project.  Here are a few before and afters.


05-21-06 223





05-21-06 225




05-21-06 228




05-21-06 230




05-21-06 232


05-21-06 231



This last picture here is the scary basement.  The lanes are the original lanes from like the 40’s.  They aren’t regulation size, they are shorter.  I guess that the building used to be a grocery store up top, and the old bowling alley in the basement.  The pins would have to be manually set, so there was a little spot for people to sit and wait, and once someone bowled, they would set up the pins for them.  So there is a little story you might not know about the bowling alley, I didn’t. 


8 thoughts on “My Bowling Alley

  1. I had no idea you owned good ole Afton Bowling Lanes!!! What are you plans with it? Did you get Doug and Dawn as part of the deal (he he)

  2. Oh the memories! Kids these days, don’t know what they are missing! I’ll bet 10 – 15 years ago you would have never thought in your wildest dreams you would be the proud owner of THE bowling alley.

  3. Wow! It looks like you guys have been very busy! I am excited to see the next posts. The pictures you took of Chase and Shalee’s baby were just adorable! You have a real talent with photos.

  4. Lisa,I think Doug was wishing he was part of the deal! So funny!

    Lyndi,no I would have never thought in my WILDEST dreams that I would ever own any building, let alone that one.

    Now Rand, you might have log a few hours on it 😉


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