The Bowling Alley is now The Willow

So I know that by now you all must think I am totally mad for just up and buying a bowling alley.  But there was a method to is all.  In the beginning John and I bought it because we wanted to open up a little store.  But then we decided to apply to Law School.  We didn’t tell anyone in our family about law school until we got accepted and had decided for sure.  By then we had owned the bowling alley for a year.  When we moved to school we put it on the market.  Well this last spring my mom decided that she would like to do a store, and since I just happened to have a huge vacant building we let her do it.  After many many more hours of cleaning and painting and decorating, and building a wall, she was open for business.  She named it The Willow, and it is a really adorable home store with some great vintage things, antiques, jewelry, and just a little of everything.  She is shutting it down for the winter because SV slows down so much then.  She is going to reopen for a few weeks in December for Christmas though.  Here is what it looks like now.


The lanes and everything are still here, they just put up this false wall to hide it all.


This is the old snack bar.









This is where the bowling shoes used to be kept.


So what do you all think?


6 thoughts on “The Bowling Alley is now The Willow

  1. Wow! I’m shocked! I can’t believe that is the old bowley alley! It looks really good…no signs of any Doug reminents anywhere!! Nice job…next time we are out there I will check it out.

  2. Has she already closed it for the winter? I have been wanting to go in there, but haven’t made it. Looks like she has way fun things! I will have to go in when she is opened in December.

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