Holy Mighty

I am disturbed, tormented if you will and I need to purge myself of this story.  I have to get it out, and share with other people, I don’t like being disturbed and alone. 

So I am in this week long training that is only meant for police officers, but they had and extra spot and invited me.  It is a class on how to be a trainer.  So today we all had to prepare a 10-12 minute presentation on our job.  So the fun little HR girl (me), and the only person there with no cop related background (me) did her project on our Wellness Program, and my presentation looked like nothing but flowers and butterflies compared to what I learned from the cops.  I now know that just down the street is a drug house, how to taser someone, how to collect evidence, how to “bump lock” and break into people’s house.  But worst of all I watched one of the videos from inside of Columbine High School, and holy crap I won’t sleep for weeks.  It was the most disturbing thing I have ever watched.  They matched up the sound from the 911 call the shooters made to the video tapes they have from inside the high school.  HOLY CRAP.  All that I know is that I could never, ever be a cop or anything related.  I couldn’t deal with sick, yucky crap all day, and I admire those who can and do.  I like my safe, happy Human Resources office full of butterflies and flowers!


3 thoughts on “Holy Mighty

  1. I have often thought the very same thing you said, about Eric being an officer. It really is unreal to think about all they see, even here in little old Rexburg. When he first started I didn’t appreciate at all what it took for him to go to work, and didn’t realize how much he had “to leave at the door” when he came home. I probably still don’t. It’s nice to have people realize how much they do, instead of picturing them always giving tickets and eating doughnuts. :o)

  2. Ash, I admire you for letting Eric be a cop, and for him choosing to do it!

    Rand–Yeah that was totally not nice of me. But you know we love to share yucky details with each other. That is what sisters are supposed to do.

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