What ever happened to Sweetie Pup?

This is Sweetie Pup, and she was my dog.

 05-21-06 015

She actually started out as my sister Halie’s dog, and then she became my Mom’s and then I got her.  She was the best stinkin dog.  And here is the thing, I am not an animal lover AT ALL.  I have this thing with animals and I can’t touch them with my bare hands, it freaks me out and then my hands feel so dirty and dry, and then I start to hyperventilate. 

Sweetie was the first animal, and there is good chance the last, that I will ever really love.  She was so cute and loved to snuggle with me on the couch.  When John would leave for work she would run to my bed when he kissed me goodbye in the mornings so he would put her in bed with me.  She loved that.  We had her when we lived in Salt Lake, and we took her up home with us to Star Valley when we moved there.  We had only moved home for about 2 weeks when she vanished.  She was out running around in the field down by the Gypsy wagon that we lived in when I left to go up to Mom’s.  Dad and John were there in the backhoe diggin a garden.  When I got home that night she was no where.  I freaked out.  I didn’t think I would ever be “one of those people”.  You know, the ones who actually cry over an animal, but holy crap I bawled for weeks.  We went out looking all over the place that night, and for a couple weeks after.  We put an ad in the paper and on the radio, and nothing.  We had just given her a bath that day so I hadn’t put her tags back on yet.  So what ever happened to Sweetie?  I have 2 theories, and John and Dad only like one. 

Theory #1:  John forgot to put her back in the house and someone took her.  Some nice family with a farm I hope. 

Theory #2:  Dad and John had a tragic accident with the backhoe and gave her a nice little graveside service.  After which they swore with their own blood and spit smashed together in their handshake to never tell anyone as long as they lived what happened that fateful night. 

What theory do you believe?  I happen to lean heavily towards #2. 

I miss you Sweetie Pup.


3 thoughts on “What ever happened to Sweetie Pup?

  1. ha ha ha oh sweetie! i miss you! and car i can totally see john and dad diong the spit and blood. and literly they would have to do that because nither one would want the wrath of carolyn or rhounda about sweetie. it reminds me of the time that nick and carissa gave me two little kitties and me and mom nurtured them to heath. they were so small there eyes were barley open. so we get them to hte age that they have a chance of living, and dad ran them over with his truck! haa haa

  2. haha T that is a funny story! And you can totally see it huh? I still ask John and he just laughs, he cliams they would never, but I agree it was either swear to the death or me, and I would have taken the blood oath too. 🙂

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