Another Senior Picture Session

This is my last senior picture set for this fall.  It was SO cold out this day, and the wind was blowing like crazy, but we were still able to get a few fun pictures.  Here are a few of my favorite.







5 thoughts on “Another Senior Picture Session

  1. Hi! I was Terri’s volleyball coach in Cali and I think that you are quite possibly the second coolest person I’ve ever met (but not really met…just read about!) Terri is the first. Your pictures are gorgeous! I’m crazy about photography and I was just wondering what program you use to edit pictures. I’ve been looking for a better one! Oh, and PS, don’t think I’m a stalker…I am not… 🙂 Ok, maybe a little.

  2. Your comment makes me laugh so hard! Thanks for stopping by, and for maybe being a little bit of a stalker 😉

    I use Photoshop CS3 to edit my pictures. I also shoot only in RAW and I use actions from Totally Rad Actions, I LOVE them!

  3. I have a Nikon D70s. It’s awesome! But I’m really bad about taking good care of it. I throw that thing in my trunk and now I’m regretting the lack of TLC I have used on it. What camera do you use?
    I have two lenses, one wide angle lens and the other is this crazy huge F2.8, 200m thing — it’s ginormous (Half giant, half enormous)…I’m a sports reporter here in Hemet so I usually use that lens when I cover football games.
    Which brings me to another point — I just read your story about your red heels in the snow…I have a similar story! I, too, believe in happy shoes (Mine are a BRIGHT red Steve Madden pair with a scalloped heel — so cute!) Normally, sports reporters wear mangled tennis shoes and an old man’s sweater paired with ice cream cone cut jeans (you know the ones that hug you ankles but are loose on your hips) And to make matters worse, they are usually middle-aged men. We have to run up and down the sidelines — I take pictures, play by play stats, along with doing post game interviews. I always wore heels, not only because I’m only 26 and single, but because I wanted to be a HOT sports reporter. You know, like when the kids are talking about how they got to talk to a reporter, they could say, “No, not THAT guy! The hot girl in the red shoes!.”
    The coaches, who hit on me on a regular basis, always make fun of my wearing heels on the sidelines because I sink. But at last year’s finals game — they all had wished they had their own pair of Steve Maddens! It began to rain. Not just a sprinkle, but sheets of water were actually folding themselves on our heads. Those old sports reporters with the tennis shoes and acid-washed ice cream cone jeans were slipping and sliding all over the place — BUT NOT I! No, I was firmly planted in the field of mud! It was like cleats for chicks, but WAY cuter. Of course I was upset that my 120-dollar shoes now resembled a sculpture of a shoe, covered completely in the clay of the football field…but the moral of the story is — I was safe from falling down in mud in front of 87 adolescent teenage boys. Which would have been bad. Very bad.
    So CHEERS to overdressing and NOT sliding down iced-covered hills or in mud!
    And I do believe I just broke the record for the longest comment ever posted on wordpress…thank you very much! 🙂

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot (in my 9,861 word comment) to tell you I also used a gold reflector to get that So Cal tan glow on Alyssa. I have this huge four-foot reflector that has a gold, silver, black, or white cover for highlights and lowlights. I bought it on EBay for, like $20 bucks! It was an awesome investment! I’m taking lingerie pics of my sister. We’re going to do a “fun” photo album for my brother in law for Christmas. I think it’ll be SO much fun! I want to mess around with lighting and cool makeup. I LOVE LOVE makeup!

  5. Plus I totally love your red high heels story! It is true huh, they do come in handy sometimes! And I LOVE super long comments, they are the best 🙂

    The boudoir photos will be so fun! When they are done right with the right lighting and make up they can be amazing! Good luck it will be so fun. Plus on she has some great boudoir photos if you have checked her out yet you need to. I also LOVE makeup and higher fashion looking pictures; they are so fun to take. Terri is a great model for that.

    Nice job on the reflectors, I haven’t even thought about eBay for lighting and gear, I will have to start looking there.

    Oh yeah I have a Canon XTi, and I am saving up for a better one.

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