Who Said Vanity Never Pays?

Let’s take Thanksgiving 2 years ago as an example shall we?  We were living in Star Valley and had to drive to Preston Idaho to John’s family’s place.  I got up extra early that day to get ready, ran to my clothes which I had already laid out a week earlier in anticipation, and got dressed.  It was only a few weeks earlier that I had purchased my self the cutest pair of red high heels, and I was bound and determined to wear them no matter what the weather was like, which meant that I got WAY over dressed for the occasion as I tend to do.


We loaded up our goods and headed out.  To get to Preston we have to drive over 3 fairly large and treacherous mountain ranges.  We managed the first 2 with no issues.  But a bad thing happened on the 3rd one.  It was snowing that day, and as we started our ascent up to the top we drove past a few cars off the road, and in case you don’t remember that things don’t click very fast with us hopefully this will refresh your memory.

Ok so cars are off the road, but are sure our little 50 pounder is going to be the one that makes it up the hill.  We have faith, we think we can, we think we can, oh son of a … we think we are sliding not off the road, but backwards and off to the opposite side of the road.  I squeal like a mashed cat and cover my eyes.  John being a good driver, and not to easily fazed, safely gets us to the other side and by an embankment.  As we are sitting there watching other cars succumb to our same fate, a large pickup truck pulls next to us.  We have both gotten out of the car at this point because we are more than a little worried that someone might smack into our car.  We start to visit with the woman in the truck about the roads and what do you know, her truck slowly started to slide SIDEWAYS and smacked right into our car!


Oh and I don’t know what the whole Rabbits license plate thing is about, I should have asked.


Lucky for us a smarter man and his family in their SUV had stopped at a turn out just down from us and were waiting out the carnage before they attempted anything.  He came scrambling up the hill to help us, and I am glad he did because I didn’t know what we were going to do. 


 He and John got the chains on her truck, and our car, and while she slowly pushed on the gas they were able to push her truck away from us without too much damage.  John LOVES to put on tire chains, and he REALLY loves when I take his picture doing it.  Plus you see that grease on his best pair of jeans? Yeah so did I.  Stupid greasy chains.

As I was standing out there shivering, the nice smart man in the SUV helping us let me go and sit in his car with his family.  And you know what, those dadgum heels came in handy, I was the only person who didn’t have to literally sit on their butt to slide down the mountain.  I just dug my nice heels into the ice and away I went.  And for those who say that vanity never pays, I give you Exhibit A:



2 thoughts on “Who Said Vanity Never Pays?

  1. Hey! I found your blog through Lindsey Styler’s. I’m the one that went with you guys to steps on tuesday! I was actually just wondering how much you charge to take pictures. My husband and I just want to get some nice pictures of ourselves to hang in our apartment and send out to family for the holidays! Let me know…my e-mail is c_zabel13@hotmail.com…Thanks!

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