A Photo Tag

Lindsey tagged me for this fun photo tag.  You open your picture file, go to the 4th file and the 4th picture and post about it.  Well here she is, don’t hate me and be mad T, I had to play along and it appears it was your bad fortune to be the 4 x 4 for this tag.  But I still love you and I hope that after this post those feelings will be reciprocated!  But if you wouldn’t mind tell us all what exactly is going on in this picture we would appreciate it 🙂



Now I tag Randa and T and anyone else who wants to play!


2 thoughts on “A Photo Tag

  1. well lets see, um… lets all look past the extra 40lbs that i had ratholed over a short period of time and look at the apparent horses ass that is right by my head. ( i have fat rolls on my face! haa haa)

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