A New Perspective

Last night for Young Women’s we went to the old prison here in town for a ghost tour.  We started out in the barn for some ghost stories, went on a hay ride through town for more ghost stories and shootouts, and then finally through the dark prison for more stories and scares.  They of course had their actors all dressed up and would have them jump out and come up to you and try to scare you.  It was really fun, and the girls had a blast, they screamed their hearts out while clinging to each other, me and anyone else they could get their hands on.  I had 10 Beehives and Mia Maids from our ward, combinded with a bunch from other wards too. 

This is my first time in YW, I had always been in Primary, and being in YW is like reliving my teenage years, but through adult eyes now.  Spook houses used to always terrify me when I was younger, and I would scream and be dramatic.  And this time it was so bizarre to walk through the whole thing and not be scared, and not scream, and to just laugh and watch what I used to be like.  For me it was like an out of body experience, it was very odd, and at times it makes me feel so old.  But the good news of the night was that once the scares were over and the lights were back on, I still had 10 YW, I didn’t loose any.  Always a good thing 🙂


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