Halloween Gives Me Anxiety


So we have pretty much established by now that I am a freak.  I have A LOT of neuroses, and one of those just happens to deal with Trick or Treating.  Some people live and die for this holiday, but I am sadly not one of them.  I like most things about Halloween, like the candy.  I just like to buy my own candy and eat it in peace in my house without random people ringing my doorbell.  What is wrong with me you ask?  Am I like the Grinch of Halloween?  Why yes Cindy Lou Who, I am.  

I grew up in the mountains, and I literally mean we lived up a canyon in the mountains and we didn’t have neighbors.  Our closest ones lived a mile away, so they don’t really count.  So living where I did meant that we never got trick or treaters.  Mom could buy one candy bar, eat half and still have enough left over to hand out to the trick or treaters we got.   If we were lucky, one of our Osmond cousins (and there were plenty since everyone with the last name of Erickson lived there almost) would come to our house. 

Not to mention our weather.  I think I remember about 2 Halloweens when there was a couple feet of snow already.  This of course meant you had to wear snow boots, gloves, and heavy coat, and possibly a hat to go out and beg for candy, which really defeated the purpose of a costume. 

I do have good memories about this holiday.  My favorite was going to my Great Grandma Emily’s house first.  She made sure that Granny Delsa or someone else had bought her enough candy to give out to all of her 75+ grandkids.  She was the greatest to go and visit.  She was always sitting in the same spot on her couch every time with her crocheting on her lap.  She would always act so impressed with whatever it was we were wearing.  She would tell us how beautiful we looked, or how scary our costume was.  After that we would go to Granny Delsa’s house who lived right next door, and she would do and say the same thing.  It was great. 

Living in the city on Halloween is a different story.  Having people come and knock on the door freaks me out.  I just think it is so weird because I didn’t grow up where this was normal.  When we lived in SLC we lived in the ghetto, so only the really brave kids would dare come out for candy, and even with that it was only 3 or 4 knocks all night.  But now we don’t live in the ghetto and loads of people actually come to our house. 

Last year was our first year here, and I was lucky enough to have my best little friend Peanut come and stay with us.  She loved it when the doorbell would ring and she could hold out the candy bucket to the kids.  I lasted about 4 trick or treaters before I had to finally shut off the lights.  It was really freaking me out.  We had tons and tons of candy left because of my being a freak, and we had to sit really quite in a dark house for hours while hundreds of kids and families milled around the neighborhood.  But I let peanut watch out the window!  I don’t know what my deal is, I just don’t like shifty little kids coming to my house dressed up and asking for candy, it makes me nervous.  So there you have it.  Happy Halloween everyone!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Gives Me Anxiety

  1. I’m with you Carolyn-I’m starting to dislike Halloween more and more especially living here in Utah. Last year I bought 200+ pieces of candy to give out, thinking that would be enough and we barely made it two hours before we literally had to turn out the lights and leave because we had nothing left to give to the 300 or more children that live in our neighborhood. Yikes!

  2. haa haa haa oh my gosh! sooo funny! i FREAKIN HATE halloween! this morning i got al ready and looked at the 2 pair of holloween earings thati have never worn, i took out my diamond earings that i always wear, put the mummy holding a pumpkin in my ear, said out loud “haa haa nope i cant” and took it out! i hate holoween. i came in and took one look at my boos dressed in a witch costume, with face paint and all and just shook my head and said huu-uhh! anyway my point is your not alone! i HATE it too!

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