Antiques Roadshow

I am insane about Antiques Roadshow.  I am fairly certain it is the best show PBS has ever invented.  You can bet that every Monday I will be watching and trying to guess what everything is worth before the appraisers can tell me.  I love it.  Well as luck would have it, 2 years ago they came to SLC and I applied for tickets.  You have to apply like 9 months ahead of time, and it is a lottery, so you are lucky if you can get chosen.  Well I applied under about10 different e-mail addresses and names and was super excited to get 2 tickets.  One for me and the other for my mom who loves the show just as much as I do.


For months we agonized over what we were going to bring, and we were sure we would leave millionaires.  Mom picked an Indian rug and a plate collection, and I took a chair and some weird tile thing that she wanted me to take for her.  You could only take 2 items per person, so it was a tough decision.  They held it at the old Salt Palace (I for the life of me can’t think of what they call that place now).  The whole day was a total blast.  We had to go and wait in line for 2-3 hours before it was our turn to go in and see the appraisers, and once inside with them and the TV cameras, we suddenly morphed into giggling idiots.  

We first went to the furniture line to see about my high quality chair that I had bought at Vada’s antique shop for $7.  If you have watched Antiques Roadshow you will know about the Keno brothers, they are twins who are crazy smart about all thing old, and we wanted to meet them like no other.  So we ran over to one of their lines to again wait our turn.  While we were waiting the TV people came up to us and told us that we had to scrunch together and look at a certain camera because they were about to do an appraisal and we were going to be on TV.  Well that did nothing but turn us into bigger giggling idiots than we were before, if that was even possible at that point.  So before the cameras start rolling I bet my mom $20 that I would mouth sometimes along the lines of, “Oh my hell” when the guy told her how much her treasure was worth.  This of course did nothing but make us laugh even harder, and when the cameras started I made good on my end of the bargain. 

After that was over it was our turn to get my chair looked at by Keno twin #1, and we were again acting like fools and I may or may not have even professed my undying love to him and offered to have his babies, but I don’t remember, it was all a blur.  He did sign my ticket for me which I still keep it in a ziplock bag hidden under my mattress for safe keeping.  The funny thing was that we acutally did make it on the show, and if you are bored and want to check it out you have to follow the link ( and then on the right hand side it will ask you which type of player and speed you want to watch, just click that and look in the background and you can see me and my mom in all of our glory.  If you ever get a chance to go you really should, it was a blast!   

Oh yeah our stuff wasn’t worth anything, and my mom still owes me $20.


2 thoughts on “Antiques Roadshow

  1. haa haa i did watch it! haa haa and you know how when mom gets ready in the mirror and she sucks her cheeks in and pokes out her lips, i know you know what im talking about! you were both diong that! lol! i love it!

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