Monday Night Confessions

I have decided that I love Monday Night Confessions, it is my chance to be completely honest, even if that means admitting totally embarrassing facts about myself, so let’s roll.

  • I own way too many Britney Spears songs, and I secretly love them and know all the words.  In fact I am listening to one right now! 
  • I read WAY too much celebrity gossip.  It is an addiction that I don’t really care to break.
  • I can’t text.  Like at all.
  • I gained 5 pounds over the weekend.  I am not joking either. 
  • I am one click away from buying that bubble to live in that I found on eBay after learning too much about viruses and bacteria last week at work.  Sick.
  • John and I totally sluffed Sunday School yesterday.  We may or may not have went to Snowy’s and bought a doughnut.  I am not a good example. 

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Confessions

  1. I am just getting caught up on reading blogs from being gone this weekend & I have to tell you I love these new family pictures you took!!! In fact when are you coming to Star Valley next? I would LOVE to have you do ours! Seriously!!!

  2. Lindsey,
    Yeah I am pretty sure that fudge and Panda didn’t help out! But it was totally fun and worth it!

    Thanks! I am so far behind on blogs and e-mails, I am so sorry I haven’t wrote you back yet! I promise I will. I don’t know when we will be up next, but I would love to come and play around with our cameras and take some pictures for you. And then I can check out your flash which I am totally jealous of 🙂 I will let you know for sure when I will be up next though.

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