My Eyelashes

(Me and my nephew Bubba circa 2001)

Me and Bubba 2001

I was super blessed with really pretty long eyelashes if my overinflated ego does say itself.  They are great, and I do love having long eyelashes.  Sunglasses are a nightmare to try and find, because if they are too close to my eyes after a hot day, my mascara covered eyelashes end up melted and mangled and looking like a hot mess.  Other than finding glasses that fit there really are no other downfalls, none except for the occasional weird person I have never met freaking out about them. 

You have to know that I have this total fear of being singled out and being made the center of attention.  It makes my skin crawl, my armpits sweat, and my chest to feel like an 800 pound man is sitting on me.  I honestly try to avoid most situations where this is going to happen to me.  People are always commenting on my eyelashes, and I tell them thank you and quicky try to move on.  I am not trying to be rude, it is a nice compliment, but I feel so awkward with people just staring at me. 

Right after John and I got married, we both worked at a place called AAA Fair Credit Foundation in SLC.  During open enrollment for our health insurance the company had a couple of the insurance reps there to answer our questions and help us get signed up.  John and I and a few other coworkers were sitting around a table filling out our paperwork when the insurance lady noticed my eyelashes.  She freaked.  I mean she really was wild about my eyelashes.  She started carrying on and on about them, loudly.  So by now everyone in the whole room has stopped what they are doing and have now turned to see what was going on.  I quickly told her thank you for the compliment and ducked my head.  This didn’t do the trick.  I kid you not, she reaches her finger out, like you do when you are trying to get a bird to perch on it, sticks it up to my eyelashes and tells me to blink so she can feel my eyelashes.  And not knowing what else to do, and being caught so off gaurd I did.  After some intense thearpy I can laugh about it now!

Also when I was in high school after applying my mascara I would seperate the clumps with a sewing needle.  This worked great until that day I was in a hurry and wasn’t paying attention and I missed my eyelashes.  Yup, I scrapped a needle all up my eye and had to go to the Dr.  Lucky for me Dr. Carter said the eye heals fast, gave me some drops and sent me on my way. 

Oh and this one time when I was little, I hated my eyelashes so bad that I cut them off.  Again I have always hated being the center of attention, and when you are little and adults are freaking out and always commenting on your eyelashes, you start to feel like they are a bad thing, and that you are a weirdo because of them.  So I cut them off.  I remember when my mom finally saw.  It wasn’t pretty.  She understandably flipped out, and so being the sneaky 5 year old that I was, I told her that one of my 6 brothers or sisters must have cut them while I was napping.  Yeah because that sounds like it could happen. 

Wow, an entire post about my eyelashes.  I really should stop blogging. 

What I am thankful for today:

I am thanful for all the veterans, my brother in law Jerrod included in that group.  I am thankful for all they have done, and contuine to do for our country.  And I am really thankful that the federal government chose to make it a holiday so that I could have the day off to write this post! Happy Tuesday everyone 🙂

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