What The Crap Happened To My Eye?!?

So about 2 months ago my left eye lid started to freak out on me.  It got a little red and swollen and dry.  I was really worried about it, but decided to wait and see what happened.  I sterilized all my make-up brushes, washed everything, stopped using this anti-aging face wash I had bought, everything I could think of.  It seemed to get a little better, and then one weekend it got worse.  So being the vain person that I am, and not really wanting my eyelid to fall off, I made an appointment with the doctor.  I don’t go to the doctor very much, mostly because I don’t need to, and because I have a sweet old lady grandma who goes WAY TOO much, and I have this fear that doctors will think I am like that.  I filled the nurse in on all that I had done to help my eye get better, and then waited for the doctor.  When he came in and looked at the notes he had a few questions. 

Dr: So what is the problem today?
Me: I think my eye lid might fall off, and I am way to vain to walk around without an eyelid, so can you take a look for me and fix it?
Dr: So you threw away all your make-up brushes and bought new ones?
Me: Are you kidding me, no way, those are really expensive, I said that I cleaned them all really good
Dr: So do you share make-up with anyone?
Me: Not unless my husband is using it when I am not looking, and I have specifically asked him to not do that anymore.
Dr: (giggles) well you might want to ask him again just to make sure.
Me: Sure thing.
Dr: So did you throw out all your make-up and buy new?
Me: Um, all that crap costs even more money than my brushes, so no, didn’t do that. 
Dr:  Well I can’t see anything wrong with your eye (I had just come from work so my make-up was still on and it was hard to tell) so just watch it and if it gets worse come back in.
Me:  You are going to have to tell me what constitutes worse in your book because I don’t think we have the same definition.
Dr:  Well if your eye gets swollen.
Me: Again, you are going to have to be more specific.
Dr:  If you can’t hardly open it.

Well this is what I woke up to on Thursday morning:


 Here are a couple of things you need to know about this picture.

  1. It is 5:30 in the morning
  2. I am ticked off
  3. I am tired
  4. I look like Quasimodo
  5. I burst into tears both before and after this picture because I looked like a freak
  6. I win the honest blogger award of the day for even showing you this picture.

So I called my boss who had been listening to my eye saga for the last 2 months, and told her what happened and that I wouldn’t be in.  I went to the doctor again, this time with no eye make-up on.



And nnnoooI don’t have pink eye, or a sty, or anything like that.  I guess it is my allergies, but the symptoms are manifesting in my eyelids instead of the normal way.  So I just have to take Claritin for a month.



Today I am thankful my eye didn’t fall off.  For yesterday’s post, I am thankful that my family’s clothing sense got a little better.


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