YW Lesson #42 Preparing for Change

For my lesson this week on the topic of change, I am going to use the talk by President Monson, Finding Joy in the Journey.  I plan on talking to the girls about all sorts of change, both good and bad, and I am hoping to have a group discussion with them about how they each deal with change.  I want them to realize that we all deal with change differently.  For some people change is not that big of a deal, they can bounce right back, but for others it is much harder, and that it is ok because we are all on a different journey.  I want to let them know that both good and bad changes in life can seem scary and hard, and that we may not fully understand it all until later in our lives when we are able to gain some clarity and look back with new perspective. 

For my handouts I used a quote from JFK which reads, “Change is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”  I feel like this quote goes along perfect with President Monson’s talk.  I also put a little butterfly on it so that it ties back into the introduction of the lesson.



Click on the link or picture to download the handout: change01-1
The file is large and may take a minute to download. 


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3 thoughts on “YW Lesson #42 Preparing for Change

  1. what do you use to design your handouts? the background it’s beautyfull. and I’d get them but I’m from México and need quotes in spanish. still I found your post very helful, this is going to be my first class, I’m second counselor

    saludos desde Oaxaca, México

    • Hi Silvia,
      I use Photoshop CS3 to make my handouts, and then I find free digital papers to use. Maybe next time I will start making them in a spanish version as well. Hope your class went well!

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