Back in college I used to work at this place called The Bay.  It was a dance club (not that kind of dance club) it was one for kids 18 and older.  They didn’t serve alcohol, so it was a fun place for young college kids to go.  Well I got this job from a friend of mine who worked at my “real job” with me.  I had a really great full time job working for the state, but I was the youngest person working there, and it didn’t really fill all my social, fun, 18 year old out to have a good time needs.  So I got a second job, a part time night job working at The Bay, all while going to school full time too.   

I was sure this was going to be my ticket to a great time.  I mean how could it not be.  I tell you what I became instantly popular over night because of my 2 person a night guest list I was allowed.  This meant that I could get 2 people in for free each and every night.  So when all you are friends with are really bored, really poor college kids, your phone number gets passed along.  Thanks to Jason and Denim I had total strangers calling me begging to get on my guest list.  That was of course when they didn’t already have dibs called on it.  This power came in handy on more than one occasion.  I was able to get so much free stuff from people it was hilarious, treats, trinkets, dinners, you name it, and all over a $4 cover charge.

I was so nervous for my first big night of work.  I agonized all day over what stylish outfit I was going to wear.  I tried on dozen of things before settling on a new pair of light beige pants, a blue shirt, and some great new tan shoes that made me a good 3 inches taller than my already tall 5’8″, and my short hair was perfectly ratted and big.  I looked hot.  After one last check in my mirror, and wishes of good luck from my roommates I headed out.  By the time I got to The Bay the butterflies in my stomach were going wild, but I of course couldn’t let anyone there know that.  I played it really calm and cool.  I was cool.  Tiffany was the gal who met me there and showed me around to my post.  Coat check.  That’s right, I was working coat check.  Ok coat check is still cool, I am still cool, The Bay is cool, I am cool.  Coat check is no problem.  I followed Tiffany to the back of the building where she started going down stairs.  Great, coat check is in the basement, you have got to be kidding me I thought to myself.  Oh well I am cool, this is still cool I kept telling myself.  So like the cool girl that I am I nonchalantly headed down the stairs after Tiffany.  

I made it down about the first 2 stairs before my new shoes got the better of me.  I rolled down the last 8 or 9.  Still wanting to be cool I hurried and jumped up, and tried to brush myself off, only to discover that my new light beige pants were forever ruined from the stairs that had never been mopped.  I instantly burst out laughing, I mean I laughed at myself until I started crying.  Tiffany the weirdo didn’t even laugh at all.  I mean who doesn’t laugh at something that funny?  It was funny too.  As soon as she left me alone in the scary coat check closet in the basement I instantly called my roommate Missy and told her because I knew that she would laugh with me, and she didn’t disappoint. 

Thus started my long and illustrious career at The Bay.  I eventually worked my way up to the front desk gal who sat on her butt reading her school books and taking money.  But that is for another post.


4 thoughts on “THE BAY

  1. I remeber The Bay! I never actually went there, but had seen in UT when visitng and always wanted to go. I am so jealous you actually worked there. You are the coolest!!! (PS I love reading your posts, you are such an entertaining and engaging writer!)

  2. Lisa you totally should have come to The Bay! It really was pretty fun, and it would have been hilarious if I would have seen you there!

  3. I miss The Bay so much! I totally forgot about your guest list. I’m sure I was the benefactor hundreds of times with Jason. Sure loved those country nights!

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