All Done

I am done with my Christmas decorating.  I am early because I will be gone from home most of the next 2 weeks so I had to get it done this weekend or it never would have happened.  I have a love-hate thing with decorating.  I love having Christmas decorations up.  They make me feel all warm and gooey and happy, but I’m not going to lie, I absolutely hate putting them up.  It seems like such a pain for only a month, just to rip them down when I am done and carefully wrap them up and store them for another year.  But when I was a kid it was the best!  Nothing beat putting up Christmas decorations. 


My mom is an amazing decorator, and has always had boxes and boxes of decorations for every holiday.  We would beg her for weeks to put up decorations, and when she finally caved it was almost as good as Christmas morning itself.  I would eagerly look through all the boxes for my favorite ornaments, lift them gently out of the box and admire them like they were little pieces of gold; some magic treasure that had been hidden away for a long 12 months.  I loved finding all of my decorations that I made in school in years past and picking out just the right spot to hang them on the tree.  


With 7 kids my mom was so brave to let us all help out.  She could have gone the easy way and always decorated while we were gone to school, it would have been so much easier, but she didn’t.  Finding my stocking was always fantastic too because it was made by my Grandma Delsa.  It was just plain red felt with my name cut out in block white felt letters.  In our house my mom has a large mantel with 2 perfect scroll hooks at each end.  These of course were the perfect place to hang a stocking, but again with 7 people it was always a fight to see who got to hang their stocking on the hooks.  


Once all the decorations were up, I would stare in awe and wonder.  Even now, once I am finally done putting up all of my decorations I have to make sure that my living room is spotless, and I will turn off all the lights except for the tree and just sit in the quiet and look at how pretty it all looks, and think about how the pain of getting everything out was all worth it.



5 thoughts on “All Done

  1. Holy crap your tree is so pretty. I love your ornaments! My kids are dying for the tree. But they have to wait until after Turkey Day!

  2. car! haa haa this is so weird! i just came to work and had to put the decorations up here! they are all getto decorations and it looks like crap. everyone was amazed at “how fast i put them up and how good they look” and i said that if my mom saw it she would be ashamed of me! lol! your house looks so nice car!

  3. Thanks Mandi!

    T I love that you decorated! I think the same thing, that if mom saw mine she would start twitching until she could redo it all!! haha!

  4. I am so envious of you. I wish we could decorate. We are going to put a tree up on December 21st (and leave it up into January) but I am so not in the Christmas spirit because I can’t decorate 😦

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