The Fashion Police

I must dress weird.  I don’t think I do, but I must because I sure get a lot of comments about my outfits.  Which to be honest totally makes my day, only because the comments are coming from random men that work at the City.  And I am not talking about the “oh you look nice comments”, I am talking about them critiquing my clothes.  The other day I was wearing my pointy toe shoes, and yeah they really are pointy, but I was over at the fire station when one of the commanders looks at my shoes and says, “wow you could totally kill bugs in corners with those” hahaha!  I totally could too.  He even went on to demonstrate that his shoes couldn’t fit in the corner, but that mine would be perfect for cockroaches.  I will definitely have to keep that in mind next time I run across a bug in a corner. 


Just the other day I was down at our Parks Department and I was wearing a red shirt with a white jacket and a pair of jeans.  As I was going around the room handing out papers one of the guys I hardly know at all says, “you are wearing red white and blue, that is festive, but it’s almost Thanksgiving, shouldn’t you be wearing that outfit in the summer instead?” he was serious too!  I get comments on my jewelry, my hair, my purses.  You would think it would make me stop wearing certain things, but it doesn’t.  Sometimes I love to buy and wear new things, just to see how long it takes to get a new critique.  I have my own built in fashion police, it’s great.


2 thoughts on “The Fashion Police

  1. I freakin love those shoes! I don’t care how I dress either and what people think, but we both know you and I know what the fashion trends are!

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