Terri’s Wedding-The Night Before The Big Day

The night before T’s big day we all went out as a family for dinner.  And by as a family I mean all of us except for my Dad who had to haul some of his salt to Simplot that night.  But other than him, we were all there.  We made reservations at Buca Di Beppo’s.  Ralph was too cheap to pay for valet parking so his poor wife had to drive around in circles with him and then trudge through piles of snow to get there.  I love valet parking, have I ever mentioned that before.  Totally worth the $4.  There were 15 of us including Peanut and Tandango who were lucky enough to get to come.  They seated us in a round room far away from other people.  Very smart idea on their part.  We tend to get a little rowdy when we are all put in a room together.  We lucked out and got the Pope Room.  

Starting with Terri in the front middle and going right we have Terri, Rhonda (my Mom), Becca (Ralph’s wife), Ralph (given name at birth Clint), Johnny my sweet husband, Tandango was too short and my mom’s head is blocking him from view, the one and only Carolyn Beth, Halie holding her daughter Peanut, Carissa (Nick’s wife), Norton (given name at birth Nick), Cassandra (Cowboy’s wife), Cowboy laying on the table (given name at birth Rob, but also answers to Bunky, Farmer, Stick and a host of other names), next up is Randa, and her husband Jerrod (he closes his eyes on purpose in every picture, so he deserves to have his picture posted on a blog.  Here we are. 

TR24 by you.

Here we are waiting to be seated.  They should never make a family this size wait, we only tend to get more rowdy and loud the longer we have to wait.

TR29 by you.

TR28 by you.

TR25 by you.

TR26 by you.

TR21 by you.

Here are my 3 sisters-in-law.  They are all pregnant together.  Becca is due in May with a BOY, Carissa is due in June, and Cassandra is due in July.  It will be fun for their kids to have cousins so close in age.  Out of the hordes of cousins I have, I am the only one born my year.  Maybe that is what is wrong with me, perhaps I would have been a little more normal if I would have had a cousin my age…nah.

TR27 by you.

Like I said, we lucked out and got the Pope themed room.  It had a huge round table with a Lazy Susan in the middle, with a bust of Pope John Paul II encased in plexi glass smack dab in the middle.

tr17 by you.

The Pope could have used a little Windex don’t ya think?  Well it took all of about 5 seconds before the Spin The Pope Confessional game was hatched.  If he landed on you then you had to spill a secret that no one else knew, or at least that most of the others didn’t know. 

Here is Rhonda (my Mom) spilling her deep dark secrets.  I think the in-laws got a kick out of hers. 

TR19 by you.

Carissa just spilled hers and is spinning John Paul on to the next guy.

TR20 by you.

I think Becca claimed total innocence when it was her turn, and who are we to prove her wrong.

TR23 by you.

I would love to share with you all the confessions that were made, but you know the old adage, “what happens in the Pope room, stays in the Pope room”.  But I can tell you that I was finally able to clear the air over a misunderstanding between Ralph and Nick and girl they both kissed.  Let’s just say that their wives might have found out more of what really happened than they ever let on!  Since it isn’t very often that we have all ever been in the same place at the same time we had a total blast. 


A Little Slice Of Heaven

I am interrupting Terri Wedding Week to bring you this special announcement.  Remember how I said I got sick over Christmas and still feel like crap today?  Well I am getting a little better, so I may not feel totally like crap, but I don’t know what the next step up from that is so we will just say I am in between.  Anyway, I have to tell you about one of the miracles of modern manufacturing that I am in love with.  If you haven’t noticed yet, I fall in love with a lot of products.  I am one of those suckers that advertisers target and love, if I see it on TV or read about it in People magazine I usually find a reason to go out and buy it.  But these my friends, if you haven’t already experienced them yourselves, will change your life forever.  See those ad guys are rubbing off on me, I am starting to sound like them.  Ok Ok back to what I am selling you today, they are Puff’s tissues, but not just regular Puff’s, they are Puff’s with Vick’s Vapo Rub on them. tissue2

 They really are freaking awesome.  Even if you aren’t sick you can just hold one to your nose and suck up all the Vick’s, it’s almost like smelling paint.  The only thing I would caution you about it accidentally poking yourself in the eye with one because Holy Mighty it hurts. 


Ok I will stop my sales pitch now and tonight I will post more about Terri’s wedding week, so stay tuned.  Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE EVERYONE!

My Little Tnut Got Married (part 1 of many)

Well Tnut finally did it, she got married and I couldn’t be happier for her and Reed.  She looked amazing as you will see in the next few posts.  I was happy that I was able to be in Star Valley for her wedding shower, and to help her celebrate before, during, and after her wedding.  For her shower we had soup and rolls and visited and laughed a lot.  Here are some pictures from her shower.





Here comes the good present.  It was a little bit of payback from our new Aunt Sandy.  Apparently Tnut got her some “fun” presents for her wedding shower this summer, and Sandy wanted to make sure that T didn’t feel left out.




Can you feel the anticipation building in these pictures?  haha so funny!


Pretty tame according to our sister Randa’s standards 🙂


Here is Terri’s wedding quilt that our Grandma Delsa made her.  We all get our own wedding quilt when we get married.  It is a fun thing to look forward to for all of us.


I have a couple more Terri and Reed wedding posts, because let’s be honest she deserves more than one post.  And I took a freakin boat load of pictures and it would be annoying to have them all on one post.  So tune in tomorrow night for more wedding madness. 

My Christmas

John and I decided to break with tradition this year, and start creating our own traditions for Christmas.  So instead of spending it with our families we decided we wanted to spend it alone, just the 2 of us.  Weird I know, but it turned out awesome.  The only bummer about Christmas this year was that I got really sick.  It started on the 24th when I lost my voice and then it turned into an awful cold that I am still trying to get over.  Anyway, we drove to Star Valley the weekend before Christmas so we actually did spend time with my family for the holidays, just not actually Christmas Day.

   After spending the weekend with them and being able to go to my sister Terri’s wedding shower (which I will post all about her wedding and shower this week) we drove to Utah to spend the night of the 23rd with my BFF/Cousin Shanna and her family.  Shanna is my best girl cousin ever, and we have been friends forever.  We got married the same year and were newlyweds together in Utah.  We would spend almost every weekend together eating and watching movies, and going to Sundance to ride the lifts in the summer.  We always have a blast so I couldn’t come to Utah and not spend the night at her house.  My favorite thing about spending the night at her house is that I get to sleep in her bed with her.  Her husband Matt is nice enough to get kicked out for a night so Shanna and I could lay in bed and talk and laugh all night.  We have done it many times before and I love it!  We played Rock Band with them and John cooked his famous Mexican food for us all.  It was awesome.  She has the most adorable babies that I got to take pictures of and I will post them later this week.  me and shan by you. 

After we left her house on the 24th we drove to Salt Lake because John had bought us tickets to see the Nutcracker.  I love the Nutcracker and it was awesome to see it on Christmas Eve. 

Here we are in the Capitol Theater waiting for it to start.

nutcracker2 by you.

Here we are outside after it was over.


Capitol Theater is so beautiful, if you haven’t ever been and live close by you really should go see a show there.

nutcracker3 by you.

After the show was over we drove to our favorite bakery to get some lunch.  We were too late and the kitchen had already closed but they were nice enough to still let us get one of my favorite things which is their homemade croutons and their Green Goddess dressing.  I eat them like chips and salsa.  We haven’t been there since we moved but when John ordered this they remembered us because I am the only one who ever does this.  It was just as good as I remembered too.


For the first 2 nights we stayed at the Little America and it was great.  For Christmas Eve we rode Trax to Temple Square so we could walk around and see the lights.  It was magical as always and we had a great time.  Probably not the best thing I could have done with being sick, but I had to go.  We made sure to stop and listen to the reading of the Nativity story so I didn’t feel so homesick for Grandma’s house.  Every Christmas Eve at my Grandma Delsa’s house we all go and have a huge dinner, presents, and then listen to Grandma read the Nativity story while the youngest kids in the family dress up and act it out as she reads.   


lights2 by you.

lights3 by you.

For the nights of the 26th and 27th we splurged and got a suite at the Grand America for our anniversary.  It was AMAZING!  I had to take pictures of the room because it was beautiful!

room1 by you.

room2 by you.



The best thing about the Grand America had to be the turn down service.  There is something freakin awesome about having a maid come and put a gold box of chocolates and your robe on your bed for you.  Bertha was her name and I begged John to let me keep her but he said no.  So sad.

Room6 by you.

room5 by you.

They even leave you a little note on your pillow letting you know what the next days weather is going to be.

room7 by you.

We ate too much food, spent too much money and had the best time of our lives.  I hope everyone else had as great a Christmas as we did!

7 Years

7 years ago today I married an amazing man.  He is loving, kind, smart, patient, wonderful, spectacular, generous…the list goes on and on.  I am very lucky to be married to him.  We have had an extraordinary 7 years together, and we have accomplished and been through a lot together.  To celebrate our anniversary we are going to have a feast of Doritos, Ding Dongs, and frozen hot chocolate.  This is our yearly tradition.  Why those random things?  The frozen hot chocolate because that is what was served at our wedding reception.  The Doritos and Ding Dongs because after we got married, and before we went to the hotel we stopped and bought snacks, and those were the random things we picked out.  The funny thing is that we don’t even really like Doritos, and this is the only time we ever buy them.  So Happy Anniversary to John and I!


More Of My Favorite Christmas Stuff

I am skipping my usual Monday Night Confessions so I can hurry and post about the last few of my favorite Christmas things before Christmas is over.  For our friends this year I didn’t have a lot of time to make anything really special so I just baked our favorite cookies and took those around.  While I was at the store a few weeks ago I found these awesome cookie boxes by Martha Stewart (of course).  They are great because they fit a lot of cookies and they are cute and easy to use.  Here is what they come packaged like.

cookiebox2 by you.

cookiebox by you.

It comes with these cute sheets of paper already cut to size. 

CB5 by you.

CB4 by you.

The top just slides right on. 

CB3 by you.

The ribbon is cut and ready to go. 

CB2 by you.

The only thing I didn’t like is that the stickers weren’t sticky enough.  Next time I will use come scrapbooking stickers to make it hold a little better. 

CB6 by you.

CB7 by you.

Seriously, look how cute these things are.  They had some cute red ones too, but they looked smaller so I got these to so I could fit more. 

CB8 by you.


Pictures Of My Little Sister

This is my little sister Terri and her fiance Reed.  They are getting married this Saturday the 27th.  Today after church I took a few pictures of them and they turned out really fun.  These are the first pictures I have ever tried doing outside in the middle of winter and I am pretty happy with the results.  It was snowing just a little which worked out so pretty for the pictures.  After we were all frozen we decided to move inside for a few.  As always, here are my favorites.

TR9 by you.

TR3 by you.

TR5 by you.

TR11 by you.

TR1 by you.

TR12 by you.

TR13 by you.

TR14 by you.

TR15 by you.

TR8 by you.

This last one is one of my very favorites!



My Favorite Wrapping Paper EVER

I am wild about this wrapping paper I found at Kmart this year.  It is Martha Stewart and I think it is so super cute.  I love how it is vintage, and the birds sold me. 

wp4 by you.

I mean look at how cute they are! 

wp5 by you.

You can also buy the cute matching tags to go with them, and they are almost better than the paper!

wp3 by you.

Here is what the back looks like

wp2 by you.

I loved it all so much that I bought an extra roll for next year in case they don’t have it again.  I am a freak like that and when I find something I love I have to buy at least 2 just in case I can’t ever find it again.

Sleepover At The Wal-Mart

John and I almost had to have a sleepover at the Wal-Mart.  The thought of which makes my brother in laws blood run cold.  Here’s what went down.

John and I go to Wal-Mart to do a little light browsing and shopping for our date night.  When we go in it is a nice and pleasant night.  Slight breeze, nothing too terrible for these parts, no snow, kinda calm.  We are in the old WM for oh like about 40 minutes or so taking our time as we carouse their delightful selection of socks and gloves, we stopped to smell the candles and picked out a few food items.  Nothing big.  After we check out we are still giddy from a fulfilling night at WM when we get to the front doors.  I’ll be a you know what if it was the wildest blizzard I may have ever witnessed in my life.  It was a blizzard like those poor pioneer people used to get lost in on their way back from the outhouse.  We couldn’t see the cars in the lot until we almost ran into them.  If it weren’t for the big flood lights they have John and I would have been just like those pioneers and we probably would have died in a frozen huddled mass with our newly purchased game of Monopoly and the Diet Dr. Pepper I had just bought for my friend for Christmas, and our families could have passed down the story of our death for generations.  But lucky for us that didn’t happen.

We made it to our car and jumped in.  Once in we began the process of scraping the snow off of our faces, out of our ears, and trying to shake it loose from our scalp.  We couldn’t even see the cars from the next row over it was completely blacked out.  As we sat and waited for the storm to pass we made our plans for if worse came to worse and we had to spend the night at the Wal-Mart.  Here is what we decided.  First we would stake our claim on the only futon they have in their small furniture section, and snatch some nice pillows and blankets and new set of sheets.  Then we grab a large tent and set up shop in the TV department with a few DVDs.  For dinner we would get us a Subway sandwich since there is one conveniently located at the front of the store.  Oh and they do have microwaves so we could make some popcorn for our movie night.  We would have to make friends and fast because we all know that situations like that can turn hairy at a moments notice, so we would need to form alliances.  It would be like Survivor Wal-Mart. 

As luck would have it the storm passed right before we put our plan into action, so we are now home safe and sound.  But think about it, if you had to spend the night in Wal-Mart, what would you go after first?

YW Christmas Ornaments

For YW the other night we did homemade Christmas ornaments.  Shalee and Nicole came up with the poems and the ideas, and I created the handouts.  They turned out really fun and I think the girls had a good time.  I am so mad because the other night my computer ran updates and restarted before I could save these to share the handouts, so you can only look at how cute they are!  Again I downloaded all the paper by Rhonna Farrer   that I found for free on 2 Peas in a Bucket

Here is the poem from the first one:

The light that shines from Jesus
Stands out from all the rest
Of all the Christmas time displays
His is by far the best.

YW Tag2

Here is the poem for the second one:

The Nail

It’s Christmas time at our house and we are putting up the tree,

I wish I could find one simple way to remember Christ’s gift to me.

Some little sign or symbol to show friends stopping by,

The little babe that was born one day, but He really came to die.

Some symbol of His nail pierced hands, the blood He shed for you and me,

What if I hung a simple nail on my shining Christmas tree?

A crimson bow tied round the nail as His blood flowed down so free,

To save each person from their sin and redeem us for all eternity.

I know it was His love for us that held him to that tree,

But when I see this simple nail I know he died for me


YW Tag