Monday Night Confessions

Holy Mighty I can’t believe that yet another Monday has rolled around.  This last week was crazy busy for us, as I am sure it was for everyone.   Well here are my Monday Night Confessions:

  • I spent more time in a car this week than I did with my brothers and sisters, and it sucked.
  • I ate like a hog the whole week and now I have 6 sexy extra pounds to flaunt around. 
  • You know you have watched WAY too much Grey’s Anatomy in the car (thanks Lindsey!) when you have a dream that you are actually a character on the show.  
  • I have to go to San Francisco tomorrow for a business trip, and I DO NOT want to go.  The thought of traveling by myself, and actually being a grown-up normal person makes me want to throw up. 
  • I kept wishing all day that I would get a really bad cold, or the flu, or slip on the ice and break something so that I could have a legitimate excuse to not go to San Francisco.  None of it came true, so I am stuck going.
  • My husband packs my bags for me every time I travel.  He folds all my clothes nice and neat and pretty and can make my bag fit way more clothes than I need and I love him for it. 
  • I also pack my blanket when I travel.  I don’t ever leave home without it.  I think I need a good therapist, any suggestions? 
  • I plan on starving myself on my trip so that I can spend all my per diem money on a shopping trip to Union Square.  It is totally going to be worth it. 
  • I am also making my nice sweet husband drive me 2 hours to the airport so that I don’t have to park in long term parking and try to find my way around an airport I have only been to once.  He is a very good man, who has a special spot reserved for himself in Heaven.    

Happy Monday everyone, I will be blogging from a hotel room for the rest of the week.  Trainings always give me good blog stories, so I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Monday Night Confessions

  1. The pictures are so cute!!! I LOVE THEM! But I am not surprised at all. You are so amazingly talented. So after you left Mason came to me almost in tears and I asked him what was wrong. And he said he was just really sad that you left. He told me you were so much fun he just wanted you to stay all day with us. Which he is not really easy to win over. So you have the touch. He is still talking about it and loves looking at the pictures on your flicker page. Thanks again!!!!!

  2. Kelsie I am SO glad you like them! Mason was so cute for the whole thing, and so good too. Tell him we will do it again sometime 🙂 I will be out of town for the next week so I won’t have any new pictures up until next weekend, so make sure you check back then! Thanks again for inviting me to do them 🙂

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