Yee Haw I Made It!

After a few mini meltdowns where I locked myself in a closet and John had to drag me out by my hair while I was kicking and screaming and saying not nice words, a gate change, and having to sit by what can only be described as my Grandma Beth’s twin sister on the plane, I have arrived in San Fran!  And I did it all by myself, forcefully of course, but by myself none the less.  And to say that I am pretty freaking proud of myself would be a huge understatement.  I’m totally freakin proud!  I don’t do things like this alone.  I hate it.  But it was not without its bumps along the way.

First as I mentioned in my last post, my sweet husband missed 2 classes today to take me to the airport.  Here we are in the car.  He LOVES it when I take his pictures.  2 miles from the airport he got pulled over and got a ticket.  Then on his way home he got pulled over again and got another ticket.  That is some crappy freakin luck on our part.  John might be riding a bike to school if he gets kicked off our insurance.  

Me and John

Once I got to the airport and was saying goodby to the man who has made me a codependent whining, sniveling mess when he isn’t with me, I may or may not have burst into tears thinking about doing this alone.  I also begged him one last time to please come and that I would make it worth his while.  He still said no.  That was not nice Johnny! 

Next up was going through security.  I hate going through security, it takes forever and it stresses me out (big surprise, what in the hell doesn’t stress me out?).  The worst part for me is having to take off my shoes to walk through.  The problem is that I almost never wear shoes that require socks.  This means that I have to pack socks in my purse so that when I go through the line I can hurry and put them on before my bare feet have to touch that dirty, germy ground millions of other travelers’ feet have touched.  Gag puke sick yuck. 


Also, I am not the lightest packer in the world.  When I go through security I have to have a minimum of 3 buckets to put all my crap in.  It’s always fun when it comes shooting out the other end fast as fast and trying to grab it and put it all back in order while hopping around with one shoe on, and trying to get the other one, while attempting to shove all my goods back in their bags and not hold up the line. 


Hey Nicole and Shalee this picture is for you.  Remind you of anything?  Nothing like a pair of gym socks and flats!!


But I finally found my gate and made it to SF safe.  I had to catch the hotel shuttle which was a new thing for me, but I did and got checked in to my great room.  The hotel is really nice and it has door people and bag people and people to do just about everything.  I am however paying $10 a day for Internet on top of my $150 room which sucks, but oh well.  The room is really cute, and I found a great deli downstairs where I can get yummy food to go so I can eat in my cozy room and relax.  So far so good!


This is the view from my room.





7 thoughts on “Yee Haw I Made It!

  1. Ok…so I laughed out loud for 5 minutes at your picture. Thanks for thinking of us, and for the good laugh….seriously, too good! We will miss you at the activity tonight. Think of us and enjoy a little sunshine, it is dumping on us and you will NEED those gym socks under your flats when you get back 🙂

  2. About the picture thing, I am the crazy freak who takes pictures of her feet and food at parties all for the sake of my blog. I know people think I must be nuts. If they only knew!

    Hey Shalee, I knew you would appreciate my post just for you and Nicole! How was YW?

  3. The Christmas concert was good although we only had 5 girls there. They were suppose to dress up and of course only 1 of the 5 did even though I called them all the night before to remind them 🙂 Gotta love it!

  4. Shalee that is so funny, of course only one showed up in the dress!

    Mandi I have tons of us too! It depends on the day if he wants to smile or not 🙂

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