I Am A Glutton

Remember when I thought I was going to have to starve myself on this trip so I could save my per diem money for my shopping trip tomorrow?  HA, that’s laughable now.  They have the best food here ever.  I have been a gluttonous whore on this trip.  I have eaten so much yummy food John is going to have to bring a forklift to the airport to unload my fat self off the airplane!  It is like heaven.  Ok so we have had a HUGE breakfast, and an even bigger lunch topped off with some of the best chocolate pie stuff I have ever eaten. 

Then, tonight they had the vendor reception where the vendors try to sell you stuff you don’t really need;  which I’m totally cool with for a few reasons.  First, they have swag, and we all know that I love swag.  Free random stuff is fun, and I take it home to my friends Tandango and Peanut and they think I bought it and they love me even more!  Really it’s a win-win for me.  Second, I have NO buying power for the City, so I can listen to their speech and walk away guilt free.  Third, they always have fun drawings you can enter.  I am now $50 richer tonight thanks to Geographic Technologies Group, who sell…I don’t know what.  But Thanks dudes!  And then we are back to the food.  At the reception tonight it was awesome!  It was supposed to be hors d’ oeuvres but I made it dinner.  There were plates full of yummy cheese, brie, Swiss, dill cheese, and others that I don’t know the names of, but they sure tasted great.  The strawberries were amazing and I had like 50. 


But the best, the things that have now created their own new fat roll on my body, those were the pot stickers.  HOLY MIGHTY.


How many did I eat?  Oh I lost count somewhere after 17.  They were amazing.  Every time they came out with a new batch I muscled my way up front and grabbed me a plate full before they were gone.  Too bad I’m not a drinker because they even had a bar.


People at conferences like to get really drunk.  Not me, I like to get my hangover from food!  Free food that doesn’t cost me per diem money!! It’s been an eventful day can you tell?

Oh I had to add this last picture to show you how green and pretty it is here.  It was foggy of course, but at least it isn’t 10 feet of snow that I hear we got back home.



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