Monday Night Confessions

  • My hotel had a sign that said they would clean your room everyday but that you had to call if you wanted clean linens daily.  I called.  I love clean towels and sheets everyday that I don’t have to wash, and for a $175 a day I kinda think you should always get clean linens and that you shouldn’t have to ask special.  Am I wrong?  
  • Before I boarded the plane to SF I bought 2 bottles of water.  When I got on the plane the old lady I was sitting by really needed a drink so I was nice and gave her one of my new bottles.  She took one sip and tried to give it back to me.  I may or may not have recoiled in horror. 
  • When I went shopping at Union Square vanity got the best of me and I wore heels, for 4 hours tromping through Chinatown and SF.  When I got back to the hotel my feet were so swollen I could hardly walk.  But I am still glad I wore them, I looked freakin cute. 
  • I went shopping in stores that would take me 3 months worth of paycheck to afford anything and I loved every minute.  Prada has the softest, whitest, plushest carpet I have ever had the pleasure of stepping on.  I thought about laying down and taking a nap on it, but the large security guy made me rethink that idea.
  • Chanel was closed when I got to it and I stood outside and cried.  Mostly because my feet hurt so bad I thought I might die. 
  • That night when I finally got in bed at 11:50 I started flipping through the channels and landed on a documentary about gay porn and I freaked out thinking I had pushed the Buy button on the remote and that my boss was going to think I was watching it in my room.  I didn’t, it was HBO.



4 thoughts on “Monday Night Confessions

  1. Carolyn, this post is so funny. I love the story of the old lady giving you back your water. Did it have lipstick on the rim?

  2. Yeah, grossness. Who wants a water bottle back from an old lady. Ewww.
    And it’s so wierd to me to think that you wear heels. And that you go into Prada and Chanel. All I can see is you in high school. So wierd. I’ve never even SEEN a Prada or Chanel store. Do they really exist!?

  3. I know sick about the old lady huh?!?

    Plus Mandi that makes me laugh about high school because I always think the same thing about people too!

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