YW Christmas Ornaments

For YW the other night we did homemade Christmas ornaments.  Shalee and Nicole came up with the poems and the ideas, and I created the handouts.  They turned out really fun and I think the girls had a good time.  I am so mad because the other night my computer ran updates and restarted before I could save these to share the handouts, so you can only look at how cute they are!  Again I downloaded all the paper by Rhonna Farrer   that I found for free on 2 Peas in a Bucket

Here is the poem from the first one:

The light that shines from Jesus
Stands out from all the rest
Of all the Christmas time displays
His is by far the best.

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Here is the poem for the second one:

The Nail

It’s Christmas time at our house and we are putting up the tree,

I wish I could find one simple way to remember Christ’s gift to me.

Some little sign or symbol to show friends stopping by,

The little babe that was born one day, but He really came to die.

Some symbol of His nail pierced hands, the blood He shed for you and me,

What if I hung a simple nail on my shining Christmas tree?

A crimson bow tied round the nail as His blood flowed down so free,

To save each person from their sin and redeem us for all eternity.

I know it was His love for us that held him to that tree,

But when I see this simple nail I know he died for me


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One thought on “YW Christmas Ornaments

  1. Those handmade ornaments are absolutely beautiful! Do you have a file saved for them that would allow us to print them for our YW? Thanks for your time!

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