My Favorite Wrapping Paper EVER

I am wild about this wrapping paper I found at Kmart this year.  It is Martha Stewart and I think it is so super cute.  I love how it is vintage, and the birds sold me. 

wp4 by you.

I mean look at how cute they are! 

wp5 by you.

You can also buy the cute matching tags to go with them, and they are almost better than the paper!

wp3 by you.

Here is what the back looks like

wp2 by you.

I loved it all so much that I bought an extra roll for next year in case they don’t have it again.  I am a freak like that and when I find something I love I have to buy at least 2 just in case I can’t ever find it again.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Wrapping Paper EVER

  1. Kayla I LOVE birds too. Halie and the kids just got me some shoes with vintage style birds on them and I love them. Martha is freaking amazing.

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