More Of My Favorite Christmas Stuff

I am skipping my usual Monday Night Confessions so I can hurry and post about the last few of my favorite Christmas things before Christmas is over.  For our friends this year I didn’t have a lot of time to make anything really special so I just baked our favorite cookies and took those around.  While I was at the store a few weeks ago I found these awesome cookie boxes by Martha Stewart (of course).  They are great because they fit a lot of cookies and they are cute and easy to use.  Here is what they come packaged like.

cookiebox2 by you.

cookiebox by you.

It comes with these cute sheets of paper already cut to size. 

CB5 by you.

CB4 by you.

The top just slides right on. 

CB3 by you.

The ribbon is cut and ready to go. 

CB2 by you.

The only thing I didn’t like is that the stickers weren’t sticky enough.  Next time I will use come scrapbooking stickers to make it hold a little better. 

CB6 by you.

CB7 by you.

Seriously, look how cute these things are.  They had some cute red ones too, but they looked smaller so I got these to so I could fit more. 

CB8 by you.



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