My Christmas

John and I decided to break with tradition this year, and start creating our own traditions for Christmas.  So instead of spending it with our families we decided we wanted to spend it alone, just the 2 of us.  Weird I know, but it turned out awesome.  The only bummer about Christmas this year was that I got really sick.  It started on the 24th when I lost my voice and then it turned into an awful cold that I am still trying to get over.  Anyway, we drove to Star Valley the weekend before Christmas so we actually did spend time with my family for the holidays, just not actually Christmas Day.

   After spending the weekend with them and being able to go to my sister Terri’s wedding shower (which I will post all about her wedding and shower this week) we drove to Utah to spend the night of the 23rd with my BFF/Cousin Shanna and her family.  Shanna is my best girl cousin ever, and we have been friends forever.  We got married the same year and were newlyweds together in Utah.  We would spend almost every weekend together eating and watching movies, and going to Sundance to ride the lifts in the summer.  We always have a blast so I couldn’t come to Utah and not spend the night at her house.  My favorite thing about spending the night at her house is that I get to sleep in her bed with her.  Her husband Matt is nice enough to get kicked out for a night so Shanna and I could lay in bed and talk and laugh all night.  We have done it many times before and I love it!  We played Rock Band with them and John cooked his famous Mexican food for us all.  It was awesome.  She has the most adorable babies that I got to take pictures of and I will post them later this week.  me and shan by you. 

After we left her house on the 24th we drove to Salt Lake because John had bought us tickets to see the Nutcracker.  I love the Nutcracker and it was awesome to see it on Christmas Eve. 

Here we are in the Capitol Theater waiting for it to start.

nutcracker2 by you.

Here we are outside after it was over.


Capitol Theater is so beautiful, if you haven’t ever been and live close by you really should go see a show there.

nutcracker3 by you.

After the show was over we drove to our favorite bakery to get some lunch.  We were too late and the kitchen had already closed but they were nice enough to still let us get one of my favorite things which is their homemade croutons and their Green Goddess dressing.  I eat them like chips and salsa.  We haven’t been there since we moved but when John ordered this they remembered us because I am the only one who ever does this.  It was just as good as I remembered too.


For the first 2 nights we stayed at the Little America and it was great.  For Christmas Eve we rode Trax to Temple Square so we could walk around and see the lights.  It was magical as always and we had a great time.  Probably not the best thing I could have done with being sick, but I had to go.  We made sure to stop and listen to the reading of the Nativity story so I didn’t feel so homesick for Grandma’s house.  Every Christmas Eve at my Grandma Delsa’s house we all go and have a huge dinner, presents, and then listen to Grandma read the Nativity story while the youngest kids in the family dress up and act it out as she reads.   


lights2 by you.

lights3 by you.

For the nights of the 26th and 27th we splurged and got a suite at the Grand America for our anniversary.  It was AMAZING!  I had to take pictures of the room because it was beautiful!

room1 by you.

room2 by you.



The best thing about the Grand America had to be the turn down service.  There is something freakin awesome about having a maid come and put a gold box of chocolates and your robe on your bed for you.  Bertha was her name and I begged John to let me keep her but he said no.  So sad.

Room6 by you.

room5 by you.

They even leave you a little note on your pillow letting you know what the next days weather is going to be.

room7 by you.

We ate too much food, spent too much money and had the best time of our lives.  I hope everyone else had as great a Christmas as we did!


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