My Little Tnut Got Married (part 1 of many)

Well Tnut finally did it, she got married and I couldn’t be happier for her and Reed.  She looked amazing as you will see in the next few posts.  I was happy that I was able to be in Star Valley for her wedding shower, and to help her celebrate before, during, and after her wedding.  For her shower we had soup and rolls and visited and laughed a lot.  Here are some pictures from her shower.





Here comes the good present.  It was a little bit of payback from our new Aunt Sandy.  Apparently Tnut got her some “fun” presents for her wedding shower this summer, and Sandy wanted to make sure that T didn’t feel left out.




Can you feel the anticipation building in these pictures?  haha so funny!


Pretty tame according to our sister Randa’s standards 🙂


Here is Terri’s wedding quilt that our Grandma Delsa made her.  We all get our own wedding quilt when we get married.  It is a fun thing to look forward to for all of us.


I have a couple more Terri and Reed wedding posts, because let’s be honest she deserves more than one post.  And I took a freakin boat load of pictures and it would be annoying to have them all on one post.  So tune in tomorrow night for more wedding madness. 


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