Terri’s Wedding-The Night Before The Big Day

The night before T’s big day we all went out as a family for dinner.  And by as a family I mean all of us except for my Dad who had to haul some of his salt to Simplot that night.  But other than him, we were all there.  We made reservations at Buca Di Beppo’s.  Ralph was too cheap to pay for valet parking so his poor wife had to drive around in circles with him and then trudge through piles of snow to get there.  I love valet parking, have I ever mentioned that before.  Totally worth the $4.  There were 15 of us including Peanut and Tandango who were lucky enough to get to come.  They seated us in a round room far away from other people.  Very smart idea on their part.  We tend to get a little rowdy when we are all put in a room together.  We lucked out and got the Pope Room.  

Starting with Terri in the front middle and going right we have Terri, Rhonda (my Mom), Becca (Ralph’s wife), Ralph (given name at birth Clint), Johnny my sweet husband, Tandango was too short and my mom’s head is blocking him from view, the one and only Carolyn Beth, Halie holding her daughter Peanut, Carissa (Nick’s wife), Norton (given name at birth Nick), Cassandra (Cowboy’s wife), Cowboy laying on the table (given name at birth Rob, but also answers to Bunky, Farmer, Stick and a host of other names), next up is Randa, and her husband Jerrod (he closes his eyes on purpose in every picture, so he deserves to have his picture posted on a blog.  Here we are. 

TR24 by you.

Here we are waiting to be seated.  They should never make a family this size wait, we only tend to get more rowdy and loud the longer we have to wait.

TR29 by you.

TR28 by you.

TR25 by you.

TR26 by you.

TR21 by you.

Here are my 3 sisters-in-law.  They are all pregnant together.  Becca is due in May with a BOY, Carissa is due in June, and Cassandra is due in July.  It will be fun for their kids to have cousins so close in age.  Out of the hordes of cousins I have, I am the only one born my year.  Maybe that is what is wrong with me, perhaps I would have been a little more normal if I would have had a cousin my age…nah.

TR27 by you.

Like I said, we lucked out and got the Pope themed room.  It had a huge round table with a Lazy Susan in the middle, with a bust of Pope John Paul II encased in plexi glass smack dab in the middle.

tr17 by you.

The Pope could have used a little Windex don’t ya think?  Well it took all of about 5 seconds before the Spin The Pope Confessional game was hatched.  If he landed on you then you had to spill a secret that no one else knew, or at least that most of the others didn’t know. 

Here is Rhonda (my Mom) spilling her deep dark secrets.  I think the in-laws got a kick out of hers. 

TR19 by you.

Carissa just spilled hers and is spinning John Paul on to the next guy.

TR20 by you.

I think Becca claimed total innocence when it was her turn, and who are we to prove her wrong.

TR23 by you.

I would love to share with you all the confessions that were made, but you know the old adage, “what happens in the Pope room, stays in the Pope room”.  But I can tell you that I was finally able to clear the air over a misunderstanding between Ralph and Nick and girl they both kissed.  Let’s just say that their wives might have found out more of what really happened than they ever let on!  Since it isn’t very often that we have all ever been in the same place at the same time we had a total blast. 



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