The Morning Of The Big Day

It was so fun to take pictures for Terri while she was getting ready that morning in the hotel.  Halie did her hair, and Randa did her makeup.  She looked even more stunning than usual when they were all done with her.  I love doing these types of pictures in black and white, I just like the feel it gives them.  I also shot a few detail pictures of her ring and accessories. 

TR2 by you.

TR4 by you.

TR3 by you.

TR5 by you.

TR6 by you.

TR7 by you.

TR8 by you.

TR11 by you.

Curling the fake hair.

TR12 by you.

TR14 by you.

TR15 by you.

She didn’t end up wearing the necklace because it got lost in all the stuff in the hotel room.  But it’s a fun picture anyway.

details by you.

The vintage gloves look perfect with her dress. 

details2 by you.

Look at how pretty her ring is.  And she is super lucky because Reed has given her 2 amazing rings.

TR16 by you.

Tomorrow I will have pictures of her at the temple and the luncheon. 


2 thoughts on “The Morning Of The Big Day

  1. Holy cow, I am behind! I had 5 unread posts of yours….this travelling thing can get crazy. My heck T looks so beautiful and that ring is gorgeous! Man I feel like I haven’t talked to you forever!!

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