Terri’s Wedding Day

Here are a few snapshots from Terri’s wedding day.  I am so mad that I didn’t take more, but we were in such a hurry for everything and I just forgot.  When her real pictures get posted on the photographer’s blog I will post a link so you can really see how amazing she looked because my pictures here do not do her justice.  Reed and his family are from Fiji, so they brought the traditional leis for them to wear when they came out of the temple.  It was a freezing cold day and I thought poor Terri was going to die from the cold before they were done with the outside pictures.  They had their wedding luncheon in the Joseph Smith building next door and it was a beautiful room and the food was great. 

TR Wedding2 by you.

TR9 by you.

TR Wedding by you.TR8 by you.

TR16 by you.

TR15 by you.

Tr14 by you.

TR11 by you.

Here are my cute grandparents.

TR13 by you.

Mom and Clint, Dad was dancing with Terri. 

TR12 by you.

Seriously, could Terri have looked more gorgeous? 


7 thoughts on “Terri’s Wedding Day

  1. Oh Carolyn, I’m bummed out… I thought you were Terri’s photographer and I was so excited to see what kind of pictures you were going to do with her! Anyway, I’m sure they’ll turn out great. She does look really pretty!

  2. Oh I am so sorry Brooke, I should have posted that I didn’t take them on my first post. You are the second person to say the same thing!

  3. Your pictures are always so gorgeous. I showed some from other posts and your flickr page to Dusty and we decided that we’d like to ask you to take some candid pictures of our kids (for a fee of course) so we can make a collage of them in our room. We would probably want to do this in the spring though, so we can get some outside ones, but, anyway, if you were in SV sometime and could find the time we would totally LOVE it if you could!

    • Aleesha I would love to take pictures for you. I love love doing candid ones too! I will let you know when I am up home during nice weather and we will set something up. Plus your kids are so adorable it will be a blast!

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