The Wedding Night

Since Terri and Reed stayed in the same hotel as everyone else on their wedding night, they took a few hours alone and then came out to dinner with us and hung out for a while! Oh the modern brides these days:)  We went to dinner at The Blue Iguana since we could walk to it, and because we couldn’t get reservations at the Red Iguana like I had promised John.  Nick and Carissa had to get home to their kids, and Ralph and Becca were going to come but Ralph got really sick, so they went home. 

Tandango took this picture for us.  My camera was the entertainment that night for him and peanut who both got bored.  I had about 30 pictures all of Peanut’s finger over the lens. 

TR6 by you.

Rob was promised a free dessert if he could eat this whole thing.  Good thing we had cake at the hotel because he didn’t even come close, but it was a good effort. 

TR7 by you.

After we went to dinner we polished off a few of the adorable wedding cakes that my cousin Ashley made that I freakin forgot to take pictures of.  We all crammed into Mom and Dad’s hotel room and had a little impromptu concert by Terri and Reed.  Terri plays the guitar and Reed plays the ukulele and they both sing beautifully.  It was a really fun night and I am glad they came out with us.  I learned a lot about Fijian culture from Reed that night at dinner too and it was fun to hear his stories and get to know him better. 





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